Delivery man’s mother orders pizza to support her son on his first day of work


19-year-old John landed a delivery job, and the proud mom ordered a pizza to watch her son make his first delivery.

“I asked him to be the best delivery man,” the mother said with a laugh, to the medium Razoes to Acreditar.

This beautiful story happened in Rio Blanco, Brazil, where the family is from. John Lincoln worked as a bricklayer, but after a while, he realized that the salary was no longer enough to cover all his needs. That’s why he had to look for another job, so he started working as a delivery boy at a local pizzeria.

His mother, Hetiene Solares , 41, was very proud of her son and wanted to show her support in his new job. She then urged the rest of her family to order a pizza so they would have a chance to see the 19-year-old perform on his first day of work.

John showed up at the restaurant to start his shift and wasn’t expecting the big surprise his mom had in store for him. His boss handed him the first pizza box and gave him the address where he should deliver it. The new delivery man immediately recognized the address and did not wait for another second to make the delivery.

«My mother said: ‘We are going to order a pizza to see that Jhon is coming to deliver it’. So I said that her attitude was very beautiful. When it was 7 p.m., we ordered the pizza,” Natasha, the delivery man’s sister , told Razoes.

When John rang his doorbell, the entire family greeted him with applause and congratulations. They took many photos of him to remember the first delivery of him at his new job.

Of course, the young man felt all his family’s support and said he was delighted with his mother’s attitude. Without a doubt, he didn’t expect that his family would have such a nice gesture like that to show him their support and how proud they were of him.

“My boss told me that they asked the new delivery guy (which was me), to take the pizza away. When he gave me the address, I recognized that it was my mother’s house. When I went to deliver, the whole family was together taking pictures and filming, I was happy and felt supported, I didn’t expect it to be like this,” John told Razoes .

This story went viral after 17-year-old Natasha; posted the photo of her older brother delivering the pizza to her family’s home. Social network users also showed her support for the generous gesture that Hetiene had towards her son.

Natasha added that her brother got so excited that he lost some delivery money. She also assures that since then, every week, her mother has ordered a pizza from the restaurant where her son works and requests that they send her the best delivery person.

“We’re a family that supports each other, I think that’s what family is all about,” Natasha said.

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