Dean Cain sacrificed his career to raise his son alone – promising to not be like his own dad who abandoned him


Dean Cain never knew his own father who abandoned the family when Dean was only two years old. So when he heard he was going to be a father himself, he made a decision unheard of for leading men in Hollywood.

Dean Cain, the actor, producer, and TV show host, is most famous for portraying the beloved superhero, Superman. Throughout his impressive career, he has left a lasting impact.

Once he made a name for himself in the film industry, roles came pouring in, and he cemented his place under the Hollywood sky.

During a certain time in this actor’s life, he faced a dilemma where he had to decide between his career and spending quality time with his son Christopher. Eventually, he made the decision to prioritize his son and chose the latter option.


Dean, born on July 31, 1966, in Michigan, has never had any contact with his biological father, who was Japanese. Specifically, when Dean was only 2 years old, his dad, Roger Tanaka, left the family and never returned.

One year later, Dean’s mother got married again to director Christopher Cain. He legally adopted Dean and his brother, so Dean changed his last name to match his new father’s.

After becoming a father to his son Christopher with his girlfriend Samantha Torres, Dean vowed to be a better dad than his own father. He named his son after his adoptive father and promised to always be there for him.

Dean and Samantha unfortunately separated not long after their son was born, and they had disagreements about who would have custody. In the end, Dean became the sole custodian.

Dean is the type of father who never misses any significant moments in his children’s lives. He goes the extra mile by preparing meals for Christopher. “I make every meal for my child. If I don’t cook, he doesn’t eat. I excel at cooking a delicious steak. Additionally, I have a knack for transforming the nine leftovers I have into something amazing,” the actor shared in an interview.

Regardless of any obstacles or opportunities that may arise, Dean consistently prioritizes his son’s needs above all else, be it a tempting job offer or any other professional commitment.

Christopher didn’t see Dean working on and off the screen until he reached 18 years old. Dean emphasized that he is a dedicated father and wouldn’t have it any other way. He feels fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue various endeavors while prioritizing his role as a father.

Christopher is enjoying a lot of valuable time with his two half-siblings, Elijah and Isabelle, who frequently visit his home. They are also going on many trips together.

Dean expressed his unwavering dedication to his ex’s children, stating that he would go to any lengths for them. Although some may label his situation as a broken home, anyone who spends time at their house would quickly realize otherwise. Dean further shared that his ultimate joy would be to wake up and spend a wonderful day at home with his son.

Dean Chain is the kind of parent that every child would want.

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