Deaf and blind senior dog who has never engaged in slow dances with her new mommy


It’s a thing that mommy daughters do.

When Julie Elrod adopted Beanie, a senior dog who was blind and deaf, she was aware that she would need to give her some tender loving care.

Beanie was saved from a “horrific” situation at the age of 11. She wasn’t used to being around someone as committed as Elrod, so she reached out to touch them. Poor Beanie was not housebroken and didn’t like to eat.

Elrod faced a large amount of work.How was she going to impart love to Beanie? In whatever she did, she would have to make others feel good and connected.

She then decided to start dancing.

Elrod told The Dodo, “I have been dancing with Beanie every day since we rescued her from Rescue Dogs Rock in 2018.” She can’t hear or see, so I communicate with her by touching her.

Before becoming accustomed to Elrod’s ballet treatment, Beanie would run away whenever he attempted to pet her. Beanie cherished her alone time. Elrod was forced to use his biggest love weapons as a result.


“I now sway back and forth while tightly holding her as part of my daily slow dance routine. Even if she can’t hear me, I still sing to her “As Elrod said.

For some time now, Beanie has been dwelling in her new home.

She has therefore undergone substantial training in love. She now seems to be a whole new dog.


She completely trusts me at this point, and as we softly dance, she unwinds and melts into my body. Whatever my schedule or who I am intended to meet, I always find time to gently dance with my best friend and soulmate.

Beanie has been able to sense a connection with everyone around her because of Elrod’s dedication.

Elrod said, “It was extremely evident that she had no interest in ever learning about love; she had no concept how to offer or accept love. She had no idea how to break into houses. She didn’t like to eat, so we still had to hand-feed her.

Beanie gives back in kind.

Added Elrod, “In many different ways, she conveys her affection for me. And I hold her for the most of each day. She follows me everywhere I go.

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But Elrod claims that Beanie, not the other way around, was the one who enhanced her quality of life.

I wouldn’t trade being Beanie’s mother for anything, Elrod said. “She has my utmost and unending love. I consider Beanie to be my soul mate dog, and I cherish every moment we spend together. There will never be enough time with her for me.

Beanie is one of the special needs animals that Elrod and her husband care for. They manage a center for canines with particular requirements.

They are our babies, Elrod writes on her TikTok website.

Elrod and her “daughter” Beanie may be seen gently dancing in the video down below.

@julieelrod1966 I dance with my blind, deaf rescue baby every single day no matter what. I don’t care what meetings I’m late to, I make the time to dance with Beanie ❤️❤️❤️ #dogs #animals #rescue #rescuedogs #cutedogvideos #cutedog #bff #bffs #bestfriendsforever #adoptdontshop #maltese ♬ Both Sides Now – Joni Mitchell

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