Dead snapdragon flowers looks like a weird skull


When Snapdragons are alive, they are beautiful flowers.

But strange things happen when the seed pods die… The heads of dead flowers look like tiny human skulls.

And if you squeeze it between your fingers, the skull’s mouth will open and close.

People in the past thought that Snapdragon Flowers had magical powers, and it was thought to be lucky to carry one with you.

Another myth is that if a woman eats Snapdragon Flowers, she will always look beautiful and young. For now, we think we’ll stick with Oil of Olay.

When they die, snapdragons look like human skulls, making them the most metal flower there is. And also, as a Reddit user pointed out, Chris Fehn, who used to play drums for Slipknot.

The flower used to be called Antirrhinum. It got the name “Snapdragon” because when you squeeze it on the sides, it looks like a dragon’s mouth is open. The North Carolina Extension Gardener says that they are from Southwestern Europe and that hummingbirds and butterflies like to visit them.

But when they die, they look like little brown skulls that have shrunk and hung off a stem. It’s weird. A user on the Slipknot Reddit posted a picture of them and called them the “Chris Fehn plant.” This is a pretty good name, since the ones in the picture look just like his long-nosed mask.

Oddity Central says that the flower’s changing looks during its life cycle make it a symbol of both lying and being kind.

See for yourself by watching the video of a dead Snapdragon plant below.

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