Danny Trejo rescues a boy stuck inside a flipped car; he acts like a real-life superhero.


“The little guy was scared. I told him we have to use our superpowers to calm him down.

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A careless driver ran into a traffic light and hit another car, flipping it upside down. A 5-year-old boy with special needs and his grandmother got stuck inside the flipped car.

75-year-old Hollywood actor Dany Trejo saw the tragic incident. Trejo has acted in hundreds of TV shows and movies in his career. His role as Machete in the spy kid series made him popular among all kids and adults. Because of this, he is referred to as ‘Machete’ by most of his fans.

The little guy with special needs was trapped inside the car seat. Therefore, getting him out was not easy. It wasn’t easy for Trejo to get him out alone, this is when Monica Jackson came to help. In a few moments, the two took the boy out carefully.

“The little guy was scared. I told him, we have to use our ‘superpowers’ and we joined him in yelling “superpowers”. I’m not wrong if I say that we created some type of bond at that moment. I kept him facing away from the accident to calm him down,” Trejo said to the interviewer.

The firefighters helped the little kid’s grandmother out, and Trejo thanked and praised them in an interview after the accident.

Trejo pointed out the importance of safety precautions while traveling in a car, saying, ” Always pay attention to your safety. Honestly, the kid was saved by his seatbelt, not us.”

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The statement describes the importance of safety while driving effectively yet briefly.

Danny Trejo is a very generous person. This is only one of a million times he helped people. He spends the majority of his time as a drug counselor. He knows what it is like to live as a clear-headed person as he had been like that for more than 50 years. Therefore, he supports the younger generation to achieve soberly which would affect their lives positively.

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As he acts in the roles of the villain or the tuff guy in the movies, people think that he is a tuff guy in real life too. But the truth is that he is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet in your life.

He spends a lot on charities and other organizations to help the needy. Trejos’s generosity level is sky high, he donated food and other supplies to the poor during the pandemic. And he worked with best friends, animal society, Hollywood arts, and many more causes and foundations that help society.

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” Everything good that I enjoy in life happened to me as a direct result of helping others whenever I can,” Trejo said.

These honest words are enough for a person to get inspired to do good deeds in his/her life.

Let it be helping someone cross the road or just giving directions somewhere, just do it. Help anyone and everyone in need. Don’t skip a chance to do good in life because it could be you who needs help in the next moment. Be generous and promote it among people you know.

Danny Trejo had a rough start in life, but he didn’t let anything stop him from becoming the person he is today.

We see a lot of celebrities and famous people lose sight of their humanity after achieving fame, but this man is the exact opposite. He is a valuable asset to the whole society.

He is truly an inspiration that everyone can look up to.

You can see him in action in the near future, in his roles in, The house next door: Meet the blacks 2 and Minions: The rise of Guru.

Watch him express his ideas and explain the tragic incident in the video below.

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