Dad waits for his daughter every night at a bus stop and it goes viral


This dad earned the applause of the internet for doing everything he can to protect his daughter. He waits for her every day, no matter the weather.

Parents do everything in their power to protect their children, no matter how old they are. This father’s story went viral as he was caught waiting for his daughter back in a truck, so she doesn’t have to walk alone.

This story not only shows the love that this father has for his daughter, but also shows the serious security problem that we live in Latin America. The image of the man recently began circulating on Twitter.

Belén Cárdenas, the woman who captured the moment, shared the image where she adds that, despite not being a girl anymore and even having a son, this father has always watched over her and every day he waits for her punctually at the stop where she short.

The man is almost always lonely, and waits patiently with folded arms or a light coat. From Monday to Friday she arrives punctually at 8:30 pm and she always comes down no later than 9:00 pm

«I don’t arrive at my house between 8:30 or 9:00 and he is always waiting for me at the bus stop. Old man, I do not want you to never miss me, I love you very much, “commented the girl in her publication.

This image was filled with comments from other women from all over Latin America who also have someone to wait for them when they return, be it another family member or their partner.

“This was my dad”, “My mother did it too and waited for me until 11”, “An admirable man”, are just some of the reactions received by the tweet that currently has more than 24,000 reactions.

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