Dad takes the person who was bullied by his daughter shopping as a way to teach his daughter a lesson.


A father wanted to teach his daughter a lesson so he gave the bullied victim a shopping spree that was meant for his own daughter.

Bullying is a serious offense. And for parents to find out that their child has been bullied? That is pure heartbreak. However, Randy’s case is not from the side of the victim of bullying.

This Dad just found out that his daughter, Re’Onna was the one who bullied someone’s precious daughter.

He was at a loss for words and could not think of a possible way to make her realize that what she did was wrong. And then, an idea came to mind.

Randy is a victim of bullying himself

Randy is not a stranger to bullying. While he was growing up, the man was also a victim and he knew the way it felt. It was this experience that led him to really find a way to make his daughter realize her mistakes because he knew just how it felt to be bullied.

He has to find a way to bring his point home and when he realized his daughter’s weakness, Randy finally knew how to make her learn the lesson.

Re’Onna loves to shop and her Daddy lets her enjoy this privilege. But, after the bullying incident, it was unlikely that Randy would give her the shopping spree she wanted. In fact, it was given to someone else!

To teach his daughter a lesson, Randy decided to take her bullying victim on a shopping spree, the one originally meant for his daughter!

It was a massive shock for Re’Onna. Randy had been saving money to give his daughter the shopping spree she wanted, but all went down the drain for Re’Onna after her Dad found out about the bullying incident. Instead of her, Randy chose to give the shopping spree to someone who needed it more: Ryan.

The poor girl was depressed at that time because she just lost her grandfather, her father, and her aunt. It was a tough time and on top of all the loss she had to deal with, Re’Onna bullied her which added more to the loneliness she felt at that moment.

Her mom saw the change in her daughter and decided to reach out to Re’Onna’s parents so they could calmly reach a decision to stop the bullying immediately, for the sake of Ryan’s mental health and wellness. She did not know what to expect, but she was ready for anything. However, she certainly was not read when she heard about what Randy had to say about his daughter’s act of bullying.

Randy gave Ryan a shopping spree

As a way of making it up to Ryan for the heartbreak she went through because of the bullying, Randy decided to give her the shopping spree instead. It was a surprise and Ryan and her mom were totally awed by the way Re’Onna’s dad reacted. Somehow, Ryan found a reason to smile because of this father’s incredible way of solving the problem.

Re’Onna, on the other hand, felt disappointed at the shopping spree she lost, but she realized that it was all for the best and that she had to feel that way to really understand the gravity of her actions. Her Dad even let her tag along to witness the opportunity she lost!

Eventually, the girl realized her mistakes and made it up with Ryan. It was a hard lesson to learn, but Randy did what he thought was right and knew that his daughter will definitely remember this moment in all her life.

The girls got along

As the shopping spree went on, Ryan and Re’Onna found themselves being much nicer towards each other and getting to know each other better. The trip to the shops made the two girls closer to each other and laughed a lot as they go from one store to another.

Randy believed that taking responsibility and teaching your children the lesson they need to learn is very important. Parents should be aware of their kids’ behavior and that being firm is a must when making them realize their mistakes. At moments like these, parents should not take the role of a friend but instead be the parents who need to be strict when it comes to teaching the young ones about good manners and life lessons.

Problem solved

The way Randy and Ryan’s mom handled the situation is definitely a great way to solve the problem. The girls are now more aware of their actions and more importantly, they know that they have amazing parents who will always make sure they are on the right path.

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