Dad passes away just after meeting his newborn son: “He breathed one last time hugging him”


Life is a constant up and down of everything, which is natural. How can you enjoy beautiful moments without comparing them with bad ones? That was what a mother tried to understand who had the joy of receiving a child but, simultaneously, she had to say goodbye to her husband.

JB Haley Parke’s husband had cancer at a very advanced stage. He had very little time to live, which is why she decided to bring forward her caesarean section and be able to reunite her husband with their second child.

JB and Parke with their first child

Right on the day, her second little one was born, her husband left this world. It is not something that anyone can face. However, this woman from Connecticut, United States, does her best to get ahead. «I have no words. It’s very complicated,” Parke commented.

“The doctor told us that the cancer had spread to his lymph nodes. Her lungs were full of fluid »said the mother.

As he was known to his friends and family, JB died on December 2. Parke still has a lot to process and more on these dates. Her husband’s cancer grew too fast this year, so she decided to bring her delivery forward two weeks.

“We got word that your 6-month forecast had turned into days. My husband and I knew it was correct to request an induction because our second child wasn’t due for another 3 weeks. The ICU team of medical professionals immediately contacted the head of the high-risk labor and delivery doctors. She recalled that as soon as I was prepared, they offered me an induction.

JB left this world in the intensive care unit at the same hospital where her son was born. Parke managed to bring the newborn into her husband’s bed so they would be together for the first and last time.

«He took one last breath, our son on his chest, my hand in his..(…) He told me that he is proud of me. He was like, ‘Thank you,'” Parke said.

The love of parents is so great that we will never really understand how they can do everything, even resist a serious illness, for us. Don’t forget to share this story to wish Parke the best of luck in this difficult time he is going through.

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