Dad had a funny fight with the trash cans on the icy driveway and everyone couldn’t help laughing.


I found this incredibly amusing, especially hearing his family laughing along. ?

It’s ok to find humour in dad’s misfortunes – it’s just part of the fun of having a dad!

Laughing at fathers who are trying hard to do something often results in some really pleasant family moments. These memories will stay with everyone forever.

The family in the video below had a firsthand experience of how cold it was one morning when their dad had difficulty taking the garbage bins in after the garbage truck had been there.

They were very happy about his struggle, so they put it on YouTube for everyone to see.

Dad has difficulty pushing the trash cans up the slippery driveway.

People who live in cold places know that it’s more difficult to do things when it’s icy outside.

Driving, walking, and doing anything is harder than usual.

Bringing in the trash bins is much harder when it’s cold and icy outside.

Carrie-Anne Bailey, the sister-in-law of the man, told METRO that her brother-in-law tried to put the family’s garbage out to get picked up each week.

It was a freezing morning in the Forest of Dean and he had no idea how difficult his task for the morning would be.

Many people are often frustrated by trash bins.

Once upon a time, our trash bins didn’t have wheels, so we had to lift them up to take them back inside.

Someone had an idea to put wheels on the bottom so we could easily move them where we needed them.

Those wheels make it difficult to drive or walk on an icy driveway or sidewalk.

It is harder to push the bins up a steep hill.

Dad’s attempts are made difficult by gravity and the lack of friction.

Poor Dad; he just wants to put the trash cans inside.

He tries to roll the bin up the driveway but it keeps slipping back down.

He has tried many different approaches but nothing has been successful.

He experimented with different ways to move the bin, such as walking sideways while pushing it in front of him and dragging it behind him.

Dad’s family finds his misfortune funny.

There’s nothing better than beginning your day with a laugh when someone you care about is having trouble with something.

It feels really satisfying when that happens.

The man’s family is heard in the video laughing loudly as he keeps trying to open the bin.

Everyone laughed and giggled when they saw the man and the bin slide down, even a little bit.

His family could have helped him with the trash bins, but they chose to have more fun instead.

His family could have given him assistance.

If someone else had come out to help the man, it would have made a big difference.

What’s the enjoyment in that?

The family decides to stay indoors where it is cozy and warm, so they can keep being entertained.

They shouted some helpful advice to him, though.

They instructed him to roll the bin to the grass, and then they wanted him to push it up the driveway.

After making everyone laugh, the man eventually finished what he was doing.

Look at this video of a funny dad trying and failing to bring the garbage cans up!

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