Deployed dad overseas sent a smelly shirt home, and the dog had a great reaction when it arrived.


Brindle is a loving pup who adores his parents more than anything. JD and Rachel Aument brought him home from a shelter when he was just a puppy, and he was overjoyed to have a loving family.

JD and Rachel have a second dog called Xavier. Rachel feels that Xavier is more attached to her, while Brindle is closer to JD.

JD is in the military and in 2018 he was sent away to another country. Brindle, who was very close to JD, found it hard to cope with him being away.

Rachel told The Dodo that her husband is very sad without his person here. Even though he loves Rachel, she isn’t that person for him. There are days when he just sits at the window, crying.

In March 2019, nine months after JD had deployed, Rachel let him know that Brindle was having difficulty. JD wanted to help Brindle, so he thought of a great solution.

Rachel gave the shirt to Brindle and he was so excited he started rubbing against it with his tail wagging. It was obvious he knew it was JD’s!

Rachel said that as soon as he saw it, he knew it was JD’s shirt. There was no question about it. She was crying a lot while recording his reaction.

Rachel said the shirt made her feel better when she was missing her husband.

I really miss JD and it was the first time any of us had gotten his smell in almost a year. I needed to take a moment with the shirt before I could give it to Brindle.

Rachel posted a video of Brindle’s response to his shirt on Facebook and it was a big hit, getting more than 600,000 views. People were moved by how much Brindle cared for his dad.

For the next month, Brindle kept the shirt with him all the time. Rachel even started putting the shirt on Brindle, which he really liked. Wearing the shirt made Brindle feel like his dad was near.

Brindle was lucky – he didn’t have to wait long to see his dad in person. In May 2019, JD came back from his deployment!

Brindle was ecstatic when his dad arrived. He leapt up and down with joy, and afterwards he wouldn’t leave his dad’s side.

Rachel, Brindle, and Xavier are delighted to have JD back, and his shirt gave them all comfort in a difficult period. To watch a video of Brindle with JD’s shirt, have a look below.

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