Dad defends himself after receiving criticism for tying up his five kids.


Being a parent is never easy.

We could not possible learn how to be the best parents from a book or handbook. It will be necessary to use both trial-and-error and innovative problem-solving techniques. Self-help books may offer a fresh perspective and a few options, but they never offer the precise remedy.

As a result, we all have unique parenting styles. We take care of our kids by doing what we can with the tools we have. But society is the one who categorizes everything and labels anything that doesn’t conform to their standards as “poor parenting.”

Viral video about bad parenting?

After the father, Jordan Driskell, posted a video claiming that they always put their kids on a leash when they are outside, internet users criticized the parents.

The video was about a year old, but it only lately become popular and gained additional online attention. Quick conclusions were drawn about Jordan’s actions. Most people agreed that kids shouldn’t be on leashes because they aren’t dogs. Some even remarked that they shouldn’t have had that many kids in the first place if they couldn’t handle five.

Jordan’s second Instagram video was captioned, “Come, walk a mile in my shoes.” Since it was evident there was another side to the story that people were not aware of, he believed it was imperative to respond to all the negative remarks.

The fact that his wife Brianna gave birth to quintuplets may help to explain how many kids they bring with them when they go out. Traveling with kids that age can be very difficult.

Jordan said, “We use a leash for our own mental stability and sanity. Additionally, we may leave the house stress-free and engage in enjoyable family activities.

He asserted that his kids enjoy exploring since they are naturally curious about their surroundings. Strollers had previously failed in attempts by him and his wife to carry them because they were too heavy and difficult to manage through crowded areas. They could keep their children under control while letting them roam free and blend in with the crowd thanks to the leash.

handling issues in a novel way

According to Dr. Deborah Gilboa, a specialist in parenting and youth development, the Driskells’ actions should be seen as creative problem-solving rather than as treating kids cruelly.

The leash was a brilliant concept for keeping an eye on kids while you were out and about. The other option was to remain at home.

Utilizing a leash should

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