Cute Drawings Showing the Special Bond Between Fathers and their Daughters.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by life, your family can be a great source of moral support. We tend to think of a mother’s love first when talking about family, but we shouldn’t forget the importance of a father figure.

We know that fathers today are just like mothers when it comes to taking care of their kids. This creates a special bond between a father and daughter. Snezhana Soosh, an artist, has created beautiful watercolor paintings of this special and tender love and posted them on her Instagram. These pictures show us that fathers have a real strength in being kind, caring, and gentle. Fathers devote their lives to loving and protecting their daughters.

You’ll feel lots of different emotions as you look at these watercolor drawings. Let your heart be filled with joy as you enjoy these sweet drawings – they’ll make you love your dad even more!

Dads are ready to defend us at all times, like bullies at school or monsters under our beds.

Dads don’t shy away from doing the impossible for us, like learning how to braid our hair.

When you’re with Daddy, you feel like you’re on top of the world.

He is very comfortable.

A father who is tall in size can easily shrink in size for his daughter that he loves.

Dads always make sure to come to our tea parties, even when they’re really busy.

They know what we like.

It’s tough to part with them.

They have fun together.

The sky looks like something out of a dream.

Dads are capable of doing anything, even the wildest things!

Help us handle something that is very difficult.

They are always ready to have a good time!

Dads spend their lives protecting and loving their daughters.

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