Coming Soon: Pets in the Cabin on Virgin Airlines


Imagine going on a vacation without leaving your beloved pet behind. Well, that dream might come true soon! Virgin Airlines recently revealed their intention to permit pets in the cabin on flights, making them the first Australian airline to provide this special service.

Virgin Airlines recently announced their delight in becoming the preferred airline for travelers who love pets. In a press release titled ‘Cats out the Bag,’ they expressed their excitement. A survey conducted in 2021 revealed that an impressive 85% of people supported the concept of having pets in the cabin. Surprisingly, 57% of respondents stated that they would fly more often if they were allowed to bring their furry friends with them.

Jayne Hrdlicka, Virgin Airlines’ CEO, expressed excitement about the new venture. She mentioned that having pets in cabin flights is part of Virgin Australia’s DNA and they are thrilled to introduce this service in Australia for the first time.

For passengers who don’t have pets, Virgin Airlines will make sure that everyone has a comfortable experience while flying. They will have strict rules to reduce any issues, and service animals can still fly for free.

Wondering how it will work? Well, if you have a small dog or cat that can fit in a carrier under the seat in front of you, they can join you on the flight. These adorable companions will stay in their carrier throughout the journey. Although the exact cost is not known yet, a fair fee will be applied to eligible passengers.

Travelers often have questions about this new service. For instance, what if someone has allergies and wants to avoid sitting next to a dog or cat? Virgin Atlantic is dedicated to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests. They are actively working on a solution to address these concerns. In the upcoming months, they will develop a safe proposition that considers the needs of both pet owners and non-pet owners.

Get prepared for your upcoming journey with your favorite pet beside you. Virgin Airlines is making it possible for us to bring our furry friends along on our trips. We can look forward to a wonderful vacation with our loyal companions.

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