College student builds cozy tiny home for $15K to live in debt-free after getting bored of paying rent.


Bradley’s house is not only stunning, but it also represents a very clever method to save a lot of money.

Young people who are leaving for college are going to experience a short taste of adult life.

There are several costs in addition to lodging, which by itself can drain your bank account. Remember to account for necessities such as food, clothing, and school supplies.

Consequently, this Florida student from Jacksonville had a fantastic idea. Bradley is a young man who created a lovely little house on wheels for himself.

That is a fantastic way to begin the future.

Bradley’s house is about 27 x 8.5 feet (8.3 x 2.5 meters).

It is self-contained, with a durable vinyl coating on the exterior. It is intended to replicate a Florida beach cottage. The porch is a nod to homes built in the South.

Bradley can relax outside and take in the breathtaking scenery nearby (minus the alligators).

It’s a truly warm and inviting house with a large, open layout. There are no obstacles, so you can easily view from beginning to conclusion.

His residence has a large window at the end, which contributes to the impression of spaciousness it conveys. Definitely larger than you’d imagine.

Bradley’s residence is known as Rolling Quarters. It’s a clever word play because he has his home on wheels and can save a ton of money while learning the morals of home construction.

Additionally, he won’t be racking up debt.

Bradley intentionally designed and constructed his kitchen. It has an 8-foot-long counter that offers plenty of space for food preparation.

Under the bench, he keeps an electric hot plate that he uses for cooking. There is a sizable kitchen sink, which makes washing dishes easier.

His dining room consists of a cozy couch with built-in storage, a small table, and a window-facing chair.

A full-sized shower is in Bradley’s bathroom. This student’s life is made simpler by a Natures Head composting toilet because he may use it whenever he wants without having to deal with plumbing issues.

The loft where he sleeps appears pretty comfortable. Although they are empty and unusable, an old locker provides him with more storage space.

Bradley’s minimalism is combined with efficiency and storage space is strategically placed throughout.

You may find Bradley’s study place by going to the back of the house, where there is a little office or workspace.

Separating work from leisure was crucial for him because, after all, he is a college student. Additionally, he frequently needs to relax.

Bradley’s incredible construction was completed on a $15,000 budget. And to think that when he came home and announced that he was making one, his family assumed he was kidding.

He clarified the following in an interview with Living Big in a Tiny House:

“I paid a year’s worth of rent right out of high school and then realized it wasn’t for me. As a result, I returned home and began to accumulate money in order to construct it and pay for it in full.

By building his own home, he defied society’s norm of debt and managed to save money on rent in just one year. It’s also an investment because he may use it as a project to enlarge his house.

Watch the video below to take a tour of Bradley’s house and learn more about it.

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