Advertisement is ready to show you that fooling the human eye can be easier. That is why we bring you this collection of funny photos and images to confuse your brain for a while at first glance.
Don’t stop telling us which one you liked the most or which one took you longer to notice what it really was. Let us begin!

How long did it take this man to grow his beard so long?

Children have always been known to be very creative.

This woman definitely did not want to be locked into that frame.

It’s all about perspective.

Woman bubble eyes. A good photographer should always be prepared for the precise moment when something like this happens.

Why play it small if you can also play it big.

It is obvious! This is how those beautiful lines turn out in the sky.

You just found out that Mr. Fredricksen from the movie Up had help keeping his house up in the air.

Next time, plant the seeds of this species outside the home.

To the extent that you discover love, you humanize yourself. Do you see it?

This is the hidden secret of the waterfalls at night.

You say it…

This is definitely having a style.

United, something magical may appear …

Behind every great man, there is a great woman or vice versa?

Fascinating … confess it, you had to observe twice or more.

Those who snoop on this artist’s drawings will get what they deserve.

Double position, Escher style.

Do you notice everything behind a car crash?

Apple core … is there something else?

A touch of humour and love of life.

The truth behind eclipses.

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