Clown graduates as a Mathematics teacher and sets an example of perseverance


Many times it is not possible to continue with the studies, due to different factors, sometimes family or economic problems are the main reasons why continuing in school becomes more of a problem than a solution.

For César Ernesto Melara Zúñiga it was very difficult to finish university, he is a well-known clown of Salvadoran origin who has spent many years dedicating himself to entertaining or brightening up different private or public events with his great sense of humour.

Everyone knows him as the “Zacatillo Clown” and he has been doing his role as a party entertainer for a long time. On his Facebook account, he has shared on many occasions the different places he has attended, but recently he took the time to share one of his greatest achievements.

Through a publication, he told that he was able to finish his high school studying at night, while he worked during the day telling jokes in trucks and later he was invited to entertain at private events.

After that, he kept dreaming and in addition to being a comedy professional, he wanted to enter the university after many efforts and sacrifices, a few days ago he was able to share that he had graduated from the University of El Salvador as a Professor of Mathematics for the third cycle of Basic Education and Secondary Education.

Zacatillo was congratulated by his friends and they took it upon themselves to make his achievement visible on the internet, and boy did they do it, because his story went viral and was known by thousands.

According to the publication, the Salvadoran graduated on the same day that Clown Day is commemorated in El Salvador, celebrated every year on the first Wednesday of December.

“He went to university and after sweating blood… he got it the same day Clown Day was celebrated. To all those who have been part of this process, who supported me, who encouraged me and who trusted me… thank you very much,” said Zacatillo

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