China has unveiled a very large God of War statue that weighs 1,320 tons.


You would think a God of War statue would look impressive. But this statue of Guan Yu, a famous Chinese general who was later deified, is incredibly impressive!

A statue of a Chinese god has been revealed in Guan Yu Park in Jingzhou. The sculpture is 58 meters (190ft) tall and weighs more than 1,320 tonnes. It is made of over 4,000 pieces of bronze and was designed by Han Meilin, the artist famous for creating the Beijing Olympics mascots in 2008. The monument is so large, it even has an 8,000 square meter museum inside!

Guan Yu was alive during China’s chaotic Three Kingdoms period. He had a weapon like an axe which was called a Green Dragon Crescent Blade. This weapon is now famous in his statue, although it weighs 136 tonnes! For people in the West, Guan Yu is known as a War God. However, Chinese mythology also celebrates his other qualities, such as loyalty and brotherhood. It is common to find small shrines in homes dedicated to him and paying homage to his goodness.

Have we mentioned how awesome this God of War statue is?

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