This touching 9/11 Budweiser commercial paying tribute to our nation only aired once


Chills EVERY TIME. Never Forget ❤

Even though almost two decades have passed since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, when nearly 3,000 lives were lost in a terrorist attack on America, we still vividly recall it as if it happened yesterday.

The tragic event of 9/11 brought immense sadness and pain, yet it also revealed the unwavering patriotism of our fellow citizens. On that fateful day, unity prevailed as everyone joined forces against those who caused harm to our nation and its people. The global community mourned the loss of lives, and individuals from all around the world empathized with the American people.

During challenging times, Budweiser, an American brand, released a commercial that deeply moved a lot of people. It’s so touching that it can bring tears to even the strongest individuals.


The advertisement showcases the iconic Clydesdales, the company’s signature horses, as they journey through New York City. They pause at the park to admire the skyline after passing landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge.

Finally, they arrive at the location where the Twin Towers once stood and lower their heads as a sign of respect.


The message they spread is ‘never forget and don’t ever let that happen again.’

The advertisement was shown again on the 10th anniversary of the attack. Paul Chibe, VP-marketing at Anheuser-Busch, mentioned that the 9/11 Clydesdales tribute ad is special. They were happy to show the ad again on the 10th anniversary to support the fundraising campaign for the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. The changes in the ad were made to show the passage of time and to remind everyone to never forget those impacted by 9/11.


Check out the heartfelt commercial down below. Truly moving!

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