Sarah Jessica Parker, the renowned actress known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City,” faced criticism for her natural appearance without makeup and with gray hair during a dinner with Andy Cohen.

Andy Cohen had more gray hair than Parker, but nobody called him anything, while many people labeled the comments about the woman with silver hair as “misogynistic.”

During an interview, 58-year-old Parker asked individuals why they were inquiring about people who don’t care about getting older.

It seems like some people don’t want us to be completely content with ourselves. They seem to take pleasure in our discomfort, whether we choose to embrace our natural aging process or do something to improve our appearance.

Parker expressed her thoughts, saying, “I am aware of my appearance… What can I do to change it? Halt the aging process? Vanish?” She continued, “I prefer to accept myself gracefully. I am not living in a fantasy. I understand that age accumulates…” The actress, who is 58 years old, shared her perspective.


Diane Keaton, the well-known 78-year-old celebrity, received criticism in 2014 for her silver hair appearance at the Golden Globes. Numerous individuals on social media criticized Keaton due to her age.

Keaton discussed embracing aging and referred to the gray hairs on her head as her “battle scars,” encouraging others not to hide them.

Keaton mentioned that he doesn’t find anything negative about face-lifts, Botox, or fillers. He believes they help to hide past struggles. He plans to embrace his own battle scars.


In 2023, Jennifer Aniston, the well-known actress, posted a picture of her gray hair on social media. Unfortunately, she faced criticism for embracing the natural process of aging.

Someone wrote that it’s unusual for TV/movie stars to go gray. They suggested giving Jennifer an award for being brave because it’s not common.

Additional feedback included, “Great job embracing the natural gray hair – it’s refreshing,” and “Apart from some minor issues with the lip work, she looks stunning.”

She probably started getting gray hair a while ago – now she’s beginning to accept it. Nah, don’t accept it. I understand it’s empowering and all that, but do yourself a favor and dye it blonde. “Gray hair doesn’t suit you yet. Save it for later, please.”

The famous actress, who is 55 years old, revealed that her Greek heritage is the secret behind her beauty. She also emphasized the importance of staying hydrated and getting enough sleep. Aniston advised against excessive use of products and stressed the significance of proper rest.


Alexandra Grant faced criticism from many people after she and Keanu Reeves announced their relationship. The artist, who proudly embraces her gray hair, received negative feedback on social media.

Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend is said to be 46 years old, but she looks much older, like my grandma.

Not everyone appears their actual age. I’m in my late 50s, but I appear much younger. Anyway, if they’re content, who are we to criticize? I don’t have the courage to let my hair turn gray, but it’s absurd how people are making mean remarks about her hair!

In 2019, Grant posted a photo on social media, mentioning that her hair started turning gray in her mid twenties. She used to dye her hair frequently but stopped due to the harmful effects of the dyes.

In my thirties, I decided to go “blonde” with my hair. I believe every woman should have the freedom to choose her appearance at any age. However, if women are suffering because of unrealistic beauty ideals, we need to address those standards. Sending love to all women! Grant expressed.

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