Carolina Herrera: “Do not wear jeans after 40, they are for young people.”


The fashion expert is famous for her tips on keeping your look understated and elegant, which is why she doesn’t recommend jeans for older women.

In all areas, there is a reference as an example and personalities that serve as icons to admire and trust in their experience and advice.

If we explore the fashion world, we can find many, not only Miranda Presley from “The Devil Wears Fashion”. Carolina Herrera is a significant haute couture designer and a Latin representative on European catwalks.

Her birth name is María Carolina Josefina Pacanins Niño, born in Caracas, Venezuela, on January 8, 1939. She grew up in a wealthy upper-class family, and her grandmother took her to fashion shows. From a very young age, she was involved in galas and events with influential people. Carolina was used to wearing haute couture from a very early age.

At 18, she married Guillermo Behrens Tello, with whom she had two daughters. Years later, she married the Venezuelan Reinaldo Herrera, editor of Vanity Fair magazine, from whom she adopted her last name, and she had two other daughters.

It was then that she began to position herself in the world of fashion, and at 32, she already appeared on the list of the best-dressed women in the world.

She was always recognized for dressing an elegant and sober style, going with the trend now known as old money. The admiration of the upper class for her style led her to have her first catwalk in 1981, at just 42 years old.

Carolina Herrera has a very marked and characteristic style, using classic pieces, elegant cuts, and sober colors. A great example is the beloved Jackie Kennedy, the wife of the President of the United States, whom Carolina Herrera came to dress on several occasions. However, she has highlighted how she constantly gives fashion advice to her followers worldwide.

Over the years, the designer has talked about “how a woman ages” and how appearance and style can help to stylize the image.

One of her best-known phrases is, “Nothing ages a woman more than pretending she’s still young.” Thanks to her, Carolina Herrera has set a series of rules for the outfits of women over 40. She is not in contention with the use of botox or the appropriate skincare to take care of your face that is worth millions, but she is in favor of everything has a time.

Among the essential tips to be a Herrera lover, we have: the use of basic clothes, forget about old clothes or those many years old, avoid black, use discreet accessories, striking red lips, polished hair, and preferential use of high heel shoes. But the most important… DO NOT WEAR JEANS.

The history of jeans is quite curious since its creation was the product of the search for a resistant material for miners and workers. However, now it is an excellent ally for when they want to look casual and are a basic in all closets.

Carolina Herrera says that jeans are a resounding NO in the closets of women over 40. In these cases, it is better to opt for other bottoms.

(Original Caption) Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy and Mrs. Agnelli on a pier in Amalfi before embarking on the yacht Agneta.

“When you get to a certain age, you have to be careful what looks good on you. You must develop your own sense of style. It’s hard to define and it’s very personal. It’s not just about the clothes you wear, it’s about how you wear them.”

“There is nothing wrong with getting old. What’s wrong is if you try to stop it.”

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