Carolina Herrera at 83 years old teaches us how to look gray hair with elegance.


The famous designer teaches us that gray hair does not make you look finished, but elegant and classy.

Carolina Herrera has become a fashion icon and a benchmark when it comes to wearing elegant outfits. Many women over 50 use it as an example of how to dress.

The designer not only has a successful clothing and perfume line, but also gives fashion lessons and style classes.

One of the most characteristic marks of Herrera’s appearance was his short blond hair, which gave him a sober touch. However, now he has left behind his blonde hair to welcome a platinum.

In recent events he has worn his white hair at 83 years old, accepting the marks of age such as gray hair and showing them off without fear. And not only that, but she also gave several very simple tips to be able to look perfect without fear that your gray hair will undermine your pride or confidence.

1-. An always elegant outfit.

Carolina Herrera has made it clear that a good outfit greatly influences your image. Therefore an elegant outfit will make you look elegant.

The garments that cannot be missing in your wardrobe are long skirts or dresses in fabrics without prints. Herrera recently stunned in dark blue silk pants, paired with a denim shirt and ankle boots for a monochromatic look.

2-. Simple makeup.

Makeup is also important to look elegant and wear gray hair with style and glamor at any age, and the designer made this clear.

Carolina Herrera always wears a simple but elegant makeup, and now that she shows her gray hair, she looks stunning, and she only needs a good lipstick, a little shadow, and a little blush and that’s it.

3-. Neat hairstyle cut with a glamorous hairstyle.

She shows us that gray hair can be worn elegantly. All you need is to have your hair well groomed. A chic haircut like a bob, pixie, or midi, or a chic hairstyle, will be perfect to exude class, the idea is that you always look beautiful with your gray hair.

4-. Jewelry is your best friend or your worst enemy.

Accessories such as earrings, necklaces and rings will give your look a plus, therefore, they should never be missing. However, anything in excess is bad, so try to keep them sober. The designer only wears what is necessary, nothing to exaggerate so that her gray hair can shine and stand out for her class and not for extravagance, so it is a great advice that we must follow.

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