Capturing an amazing photo of the moon’s journey over a month took a lot of effort.


The photographer was determined to get a great shot of the Moon passing over Egypt over a month; they put in a lot of effort, staying up nights, taking time off of work, and climbing a 170-foot tower to get the perfect image.

Wael Omar claims he is the first person to ever take a picture of an analemma in Egypt, which isn’t an easy task and needs lots of effort. He told to us the challenge was very tiresome.

The images were taken over the course of nearly a month, starting on April 22, 2023. Every day, I took a picture of the Moon in the same spot approximately 50 minutes and 29 seconds later than the day before – this is because the Moon takes that amount of time to get back to its same spot in the sky each day.

Because the Moon’s orbit around Earth is shaped like an egg, it creates a figure eight or an infinite-looking symbol.

Photographers can create a Sun analemma by taking a picture of the Sun in the same spot at the same time for one year. To create a Moon analemma, they can do the same thing in one lunar cycle, but they have to come back to the same place about 50 minutes later each day.

Omar says that taking the picture of the Moon was really tough and he had to stay up late for it, which made it even harder.

I saw the Moon a few times on cloudy nights, and I was lucky enough to get a photo of it.

He used a Canon 200D camera with an 18mm lens to shoot the images from the same place. He was able to clearly see the Moon in the pictures before but the last week it was daytime, which made the Moon images appear blue.

I could barely make out the details when I zoomed in on the images, but they weren’t clear enough. I figured I could use my GOTO mount to locate the Moon since it can’t be seen with the naked eye.

I used my Redcat 51 scope to take a picture of it, and put it on the same spot as the Moon in the 18mm lens image.

Omar said he used his vacation time to work on the project since it required long hours, and he also worked harder to take an amazing picture of the Great Pyramids of Giza.

He says he climbed up a 50 meter tall minaret in order to get a good view of the pyramids and blend that view with a picture he had taken of the analemma. He had to work hard to get the image.

I put in a lot of effort and didn’t hold back to make this image a success.

His hard work paid off with an impressive image. It was chosen as image of the day on Astrobin in addition to the feature here on with us.

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