Bull has been in prison his entire life, and he did a dance of joy when he was released.


Bandit the bull does a special dance to show how thankful and joyful he is for being saved.

Life is as precious to a silent animal as it is to a person. All creatures wish for happiness and dread pain, and they all want to live and not die. Can an animal become accustomed to being treated in this way? Bandit the bull was kept tied to a pole and confined to a small space in the corner of a building for his entire life.

Do they have to live this way because they can’t talk to us?

Sarah told Rolling Stone that they weren’t trying to end meat or cause a panic, but that there is a way to raise animals for food that is much better than what is being done currently.

This video was posted on August 22, 2014 and it has been shared many times since then. It has been viewed by over 30 million people and has made an impact on people all over the world.

Bandit could only live in a confined area, unable to move around, run, or even see the sky. Some farmers might say it’s alright, but it’s not.

Bandit looked very sad until a man wearing a red shirt from Gut Aiderbichl approached him and touched him. Bandit could tell that this person was kind-hearted and licked him in response. Bandit was overjoyed when the man freed him.

Bandit was stunned for a moment. He slowly walked, glancing at his neighbors who were still in chains.

He jumps then.

His actions showed that cows, like all animals, can communicate and have feelings.

Bandit felt the hay on his face, leapt, and ran, doing a happy dance of freedom – it was beautiful!

Christian took Bandit to Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary. When the car door opened, Bandit was so excited that his eyes lit up! He ran around and jumped for joy.

Bandit is now feeling joyful and liberated!

Bandit showed his gratitude to Christian by resting his head on his legs, as if to say “thank you”.

He expressed his feelings without saying a word. His actions inspired millions and showed that everyone deserves a better life.

Studies show that dairy cows and cattle are more sensitive than people think. In 2014, Daniel Weary, an applied animal biologist from the University of British Columbia and his colleagues explained how a cow’s brain can be changed forever by early life trauma. These animals are traumatized by being taken away from their mothers and by getting hot-iron dehorning.

Weary states that it is essential for animals to have a good quality of life from the start, not only so they can experience joy in the present, but also to ensure positive effects for them in the future.

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