Boy cries to convince his parents to let him adopt a street dog.


We all know that children and animals are the purest and noblest souls we can surround ourselves with, which is why today, hundreds of people are creating organizations to try to shelter and protect these defenceless beings.

As human beings, we all experience a special connection with animals, but nothing can compare to the unbreakable bond created between a child and an animal. There are so many books, films and audiovisual material we find today on social networks about these tender moments that they have undoubtedly become our main attractions.

That is why today’s story moved hundreds of netizens since, as we all know, children manage to arouse a particular interest in certain things that attract their attention, but unfortunately, those tastes generate a great expense for parents, especially when These are pets because they must be fed, cared for and protected as one more member of the family.

This humble family was working every night in the streets selling food to bring sustenance to their home when without realizing it, a cute puppy appeared right next to them. The smallest family member began to play with the cute puppy, and the connection was immediate. In a matter of seconds, they were running and playing like never before.

Unfortunately, the night began to fall, and the family began to collect all their belongings to go home, and that was when the drama began.

“ The puppy followed us to our house, it did not detach from my son at any time despite the fact that we asked him to get away. Of course our little one asked us to keep him but we couldn’t keep a puppy”.

The couple tried to explain to the little boy that he couldn’t keep the puppy and that it was already a decision, but as expected, tears began to fall down the little boy’s face as he refused to give in to their request. However, this story was not going to end there. When all the lights were turned off, they heard how the puppy insisted on having contact with the little boy and began to cry.

The puppy began to cry so insistently that he managed to be heard by his human friend, causing his father to reconsider, and they returned to talk as a family but giving it an unexpected twist.

” The puppy knew how to win everyone’s heart, he chose us.”

Of course, the one who has enjoyed this whole situation the most has been the little boy who has not stopped smiling and pampering his new best friends.

This family never thought that their routine would change so much. What did not concern them in the past is now a reason for reflection.

“ It is incredible the happiness that can be achieved just by opening your heart a little”.

In the little one, this has become a new experience that will allow him to learn values ​​and, above all, the meaning of loyalty and true friendship.

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