Born with a foot size of a penny, she was said to be dead; eventually, she proved everyone wrong.


Doctors predicted she wouldn’t live since she was born, weighing only 1 pound and 6 ounces.

It’s joyful and terrifying to find out you’re expecting a child. From the time of knowing, you are eager for your child to arrive in the world. Yet, you and the baby have a nine-month period to look forward to.

Luckily, most deliveries go according to plan, with mom and baby both healthy and happy. However, things do go wrong on occasions. This is the tale of one little girl passionate about doing things her way.

When Victoria Bradley and Paul Curran of Liverpool, Merseyside, found out they were expecting a child, they were overjoyed. They, like many other couples, assumed that everything would be alright. However, when she reached the 24-week milestone, everything changed.

It was just 24 weeks, and the baby Francesca Bradley-Curran was born. The strange thing is that the baby’s life would have been judged unviable if the delivery had occurred only two days earlier. If she had been born 2 days ago, she couldn’t have a breath of her own.

Francesca was born weighing barely one pound and six ounces.

Because she was so little, medical professionals advised her parents that she had a strong chance of dying. If she survived, they can’t keep hopes of their child walking or talking like other kids any time soon.

It wasn’t easy advice for a pair of loving parents to accept. They had this little infant with the size of a penny’s feet in front of them. No one was able to stop them. This mother and father stayed committed to their daughter, eager to go to any length to provide her with a good life.

Even though the doctors were not optimistic that this baby would live, the medical personnel gave her outstanding care. The little Francesca hung in there because of their hard work and her parents’ devotion. Francesca began to flourish rather than merely endure day after day.

This infant, of course, was strong and determined to live. So, with everyone battling for her, she fought back. It’s a good thing, too, because a miracle occurred.

The previously one-pound, six-ounce preterm infant with small feet will be nine in September 2020. But there’s more good news. She walks, speaks, runs, and plays the same way as other children her age do. “She’s a continual bundle of activity from the moment she opens her eyes,” her mother said.

Despite all odds, this infant survived. As a result, the doctors who originally treated her were surprised and delighted. Victoria couldn’t believe how small her child was until she saw images and videos of her when she was younger.

Victoria gets upset whenever she travels back through time or speaks about the adventure she and her partner experienced. Admittedly, they had been warned their baby wouldn’t live. And even if she did, she’d never been normal afterward.

The mother is speechless at what they’ve been through. She expressed her admiration for how they dealt with the tremendous suffering they endured. It was all worthwhile, though, since they have a lively daughter who is the joy of their lives.

I trust this story as a great example for parents with premature babies. Keep fighting, and you will achieve.

Watching the video below, you may discover further about Francesca.

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