Boohoo shares a photo of a model without editing out her “imperfections,” and people on the internet are expressing relief, saying “finally.”


If you’ve ever looked through a magazine, watched a commercial, or seen an ad poster in the subway, you may have felt envious of the flawless skin and attractive bodies of photo models and celebrities. Bored Panda wants to remind you not to get caught up in the unrealistic beauty standards portrayed in the advertising world.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’ve fallen for the standards set by advertising companies. They heavily rely on their good old friend, Photoshop, to erase acne, lines, and fat, creating an idealized body image. However, fashion brand Boohoo decided to break away from this traditional advertising approach and is receiving praise online for their campaign choice. Boohoo shared pictures of models confidently embracing their natural beauty, including stretch marks, without any Photoshop tricks. While they’re not the pioneers of the ‘real women’ campaign promoting inclusivity, people are expressing their appreciation through reposts and positive comments. Scroll down to see the unaltered beauty of Boohoo models!

A Facebook user’s post has become widely popular, bringing attention to the Boohoo brand.

Boohoo chose not to remove the natural stretch marks from the models.

There are still photos of the same model where her ‘imperfections’ have been edited out using Photoshop.

It seems that Boohoo is committed to maintaining a natural look, as they are showcasing marks on other models too.

Several other companies have already chosen to follow this path for their advertising campaigns.

CVS announced last year that they would no longer use Photoshop in their beauty ads.

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