Black Canada Lynx caught on camera for the first time


The Canada Lynx, also known as Lynx canadensis, is a type of lynx that is found in North America, including Canada and some parts of the United States.

The Canada Lynx usually has a fur coat that is light brownish-gray, but there have also been sightings of individuals with black fur.

No one had ever captured photos of black-colored type until 2022, when a fortunate individual managed to take some pictures that became popular online.

A researcher from the University of Alberta, Canada captured the animal. Thomas Jung, a Government of Yukon employee, filmed the animal using his cell phone.

The finding was recorded in a paper titled “Paint it black: the initial evidence of melanism in Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis)” published in the journal Mammalia.

The video was taken in a countryside area near Whitehorse, Yukon. A lynx was spotted in the footage, lounging about 50 meters away. The lynx got scared and ran off when a dog started barking near some people.

The Canada Lynx is known for being a solitary and secretive animal. Even though experts could confirm it was a Canada lynx in the blurry video, they struggled to spot any unique characteristics.

Jung reports that the coat was black with whitish gray guard hairs all over. The facial ruff, rostrum, and dorsal regions also had whitish gray hairs.

Most lynx species have similar coloring. During winter, Canada lynx are commonly seen because of their silvery gray coats. In the summer, their coats often change to reddish brown.

The lynx in the film is an extremely uncommon type of animal due to its diverse range of fur colors. Jung suggests that these variations are often adaptations that can either benefit or hinder evolution.

Scientists have not confirmed if melanism in animals is beneficial or harmful. Jung believes that the lynx’s dark fur is a disadvantage as it lacks camouflage in snowy environments, making it more visible while hunting.

Amazing! It’s hard to imagine that such a rare animal was captured on video. Share your opinions in the comments!

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