Bizarre reunion of two sisters unaware of each other’s existence; they lived only a few kilometers away.


The sisters Hilary and Stephanie had several pals in common despite living thousands of kilometers away from each other. However, neither woman realized that they were siblings until Genetic testing confirmed it. Until knowing they lived their lives as strangers, unaware of each other.

Later the sisters discovered that they lived only a few kilometers apart. The story got more and more bizarre as they got to know each other. Their children had a lot of friends in common too, and the sisters resemble each other so much that they may even be twins.

They lived in different states before knowing about each other. Later they moved to Arizona to live together.

Stephanie was born in Reno, Nevada, and Hilary in Bozeman, Montana. Stephanie was adopted when she was only seven days old, and she didn’t even know that she had a sister.
Stephanie told 12 News, “We had that unfortunate childhood.”

According to the foster foundation, one in every 25 families with kids has adopted a baby. Approximately half of these foster couples have children who are both biological and fostered.

Many Americans have considered fostering a child in recent years, although only two percent proceeded.

Currently, there are over 7 million adopted Americans, and according to stats, about 140 000 babies are fostered in America each year. And the open adoption system, which allows children to access their parent’s information, is becoming increasingly popular among Americans. Open adoptions account for 60 to 70% of all adoptions at present. However, sisters: Hilary and Stephanie didn’t receive that privilege.

Hilary was raised with two boys. After getting married, she moved to Arizona with her husband to pursue his graduate studies there.

George eventually relocated to Arizona for higher studies at Arizona State University.
For more than 18 years, they lived in the same state, only a few Kilomemteres apart, without even knowing each other’s existence.

But that was only until both sisters acquired an kit. This changed their lives.

While Stephanie was gifted one by her foster parents, Hilary bought one for her newly adopted daughter from Vietnam.

Hilary said, ” I’ve always thought there could be someone related to me somewhere in America.”

There wasn’t any match for her adopted daughter but her.

After finding out that she had a match, Stephanie searched for more information about her match on social media. It turns out that she and her match had a lot of friends in common. Eventually, Stephanie got in touch with her match.

“There was a hand full of times I just imagined that we could be related as many of my friends told similarities between us,” said Hilary.

For everyone’s excitement, their DNA profiles matched 99.9%.

“I was overwhelmed with excitement after seeing the results,” said Stephanie.

“Both of us were surprised on the first day we met because of our similarities,” Hilary continued.

“Even our hands looked the same,” Stephanie added.

The two sisters expressed their delight at their new family connections.”I had no relatives in Arizona.” It’s fantastic to think of having a sister. This means so much to me,” Hilary explained.

Two know more about this beautiful reunion, watch the video below, and don’t forget to share this with your loved ones.

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