Birth with a great surprise; twins born with totally different complexions.


Kachi and Kamsi are a couple of twins who were born with one of the rarest differences found among twins. At a glance, they don’t seem to be twins. It’s because of the difference in skin colors between them. Anyhow, the heart-touching bond between them shows that their color was not a problem for them at all.

Naturistic. I always focus on unique stories and believe that people get more special with their differences.

The birth of twins with different colors has a chance of one in 500.

The most frequent thought that comes to our mind is a similarity when thinking of twins. Yet, there’s also a slight chance of getting twins with dissimilarities. Such a birth would be something surprising to experience.

When Kachi and Kamsi were born to their mother, Judith Nwokocha, in 2016, the same happened. She said she remembers thinking that the nurse had given her the wrong baby. It seems hilarious, yet it’s the same that anyone could think of such a situation.

The color change is a cause of albinism.

Oculocutaneous albinism (OCA) type 2 is a condition that inherits, making a person unable to produce enough melanin (pigment). Albinism affects the color of the skin, eyes, and hair of a person. The change in color of Kanchi was a result of this. 

If parents with albinism genes had a baby, one of four children could be victim of albinism.

Despite Kachi having albinism, she is in perfect health.

The only causes of albinism that Kanchi suffers from are sensitive skin and minor vision problems. Medications for skincare and a pair of glasses would solve her problems. Other than that, she is perfectly healthy.

Judith is a photographer from Nigeria, working in Canada. She frequently captures the moments between Kachi and Kamsi’s adventures.

The twins are turning to be best pals.

It’s not surprising that people don’t recognize Kachi and Kamsi as twins. People tend to observe them a lot, especially Kachi. This could be something annoying in instances. Anyhow, Judith takes measures to overcome such situations. Capturing photos is often one solution since it makes Kachi feel beautiful.

 Judith always speaks proudly for being lucky to have such kids. She mentions that; despite the difference between the twins, they have many things in common. As a result, the bond between them gets stronger day by day.

This relationship is one of the best examples that depict that strength lies in differences, not similarities. Kachi and Kamsi are four years in age and an inspiration to the grown-ups.

Isn’t that amazing! I hope you enjoyed the story! Do you also believe that diversity makes a specialty? Have a great day!

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