Biological sisters born to a 53-year-old mom and her 31-year-old daughter.


Life doesn’t go as expected always. Kelsi Pierce, a 31-year-old woman, and her husband were finally fortunate to have their own children after years of struggle, trying to get pregnant.

For three years, Kelsi and her husband have been trying to be parents.

But due to a low ovarian reserve processed by Kelsi, their dream seemed unrealistic. In time they had spent thousands of their savings for the purpose. From surgeries to IVF (In vitro fertilization), the couple had spent almost everything they had.

After a successful round of IVF, Kelsi was in hope of recovery, but nothing had changed. After further investigations, it was discovered that Kelsi had her lining of the uterus too thin to carry a pregnancy.

Not giving up, Kelsi tried to thicken her lining for two years.

Everything started to appeal negatively. All efforts seem useless. The doctors had said to Kelsi that she has nothing going in her way. They had tried everything possible, but she won’t be able to carry a child in her body. With a whole lot of emotions going in her mind, Kelsi was left with only a few more options. The options included adoption or the use of a gestational carrier (A gestational carrier, also called a gestational surrogate, is an arrangement where a woman carries and delivers a child for another couple or person).

The couple had their mind going on following the second procedure. The process usually costs around $100,000. After spending thousand over IVF, they were not in a financial state to follow the option.

Kelsi said that they had already spent more than they could afford. They are in debt just for what they have already done. So it wasn’t going to happen and was making them feel depressed.

Love of Mothers

While everything was going against the couple’s wishes, it seemed like everything was to end. It was broken hearts and ruined dreams in their life. But the guardian angel of Kelsi came to help her at the time; Kelsi’s mom.

Immediately 53-years-old Rutherford visited the doctor to get tested on her condition to be the gestational carrier of the couple. Usually, her aged women are not qualified to bear a baby on certain health concerns, but Rutherford unbelievably was approved for the transfer.

Undergoing an embryo transfer on February 07, the altruistic mom was almost instantly confirmed pregnant on February 15.

Kelsi was astonished to hear about her mom being positive at her pregnancy test. She had never expected her mom to be carrying her gestational carrier.

“After waking up in the morning, there was a text on my phone, it was a picture of a positive pregnancy test and I just lost it,” said Kelsi. With the news, Kelsi gave up all her medications after spending hours on medications.

Life is always filled with unexpected experiences. A massive surprise was on the way for Kelsi. Since Kelsi was into medications for getting pregnant for a long, it has become a practice for Kelsi to check herself once a month. Once in a Day in March, after a test, Kelsi was to throw her pregnancy test away. It showed positive results for the first time in her life. Assuming it was a mistake she had her test for the second time.

It was positive too. She was left amazed, incapable to believe her eyes.

Soon it was confirmed by a doctor that Kelsi was pregnant. After years of disbelief, the couple was with overflowing joy to know that they have driven from limited options to anticipating two children of their own. It was absolutely a party of emotions for Kelsi and her husband.

During the pregnancy period, Kelsi and her mom had so much to share. They were sharing tips and tricks related to their condition. Even during doctor appointments, they were in practice to join them together.

During the 36th appointment of Kelsi’s mother, it was examined that she had processed preeclampsia and was required to deliver the baby within 12 hours via C-section. Even though the birth had some intricacies during the birth, the baby Everly was born with perfect health conditions.

After seven weeks and three days later Kelsi gave birth to the child in her womb.

She was named Ava. Now Kelsi is the mother of two adorables and all her dreams have come true. It wasn’t an easy journey, but all her sacrifices gave off to her at their best.

“Even if you have to go a super quirky route, if being a mom is essential to you, there are a lot of ways to do this,” said Kelsi to every mother having envisioned desperately becoming a mom.

After all, everyone was happy for Kelsi and he husband in their new family.

A special thanks go to Kelsi’s mom who risked her life for the happiness of her daughter. Please consider sharing the amazing anecdote with your loved ones.

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