Bear rescued from a circus finds happiness in the sun.


It was 25 years of captivity and exploitation for Toshka, an elderly bear, who was part of a circus show in Satanov, Ukraine.

A sanctuary was in charge of rescuing him to see to his well-being.

After being rescued, the bear was seen basking in the sun despite suffering.

For obvious reasons, Toshka was slow to establish trust with her caregivers, and the adaptation process took longer due to the conditions in which she lived.

The debate on using animals in circuses for entertainment continues, and activists want society to realize the sad reality that many wild animals experience.

Toshka’s experience in the sun went viral on social media, and everyone was delighted to see the bear so happy.

The members of the sanctuary discussed details about their adaptation process.

“Toshka was very afraid of people: she did not leave the bushes for two weeks»

They also said that due to its years of captivity, the bear had begun to lose part of its wild nature.

“Most of his life he was a circus bear, but now he’s here for rehab and life support.”

Sunbathing has become old Toshka’s favourite pastime, and he has begun to enjoy life again and trust the sanctuary staff.

After reading Toshka’s story, what is your opinion about animals in circuses?

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