Bear breathes in freedom after spending more than a decade in a cramped, waterlogged prison.


Dasha was released after a decade in captivity.

Misha and Dasha are two brown bears who were locked in a small cage at an Armenian cafe for ten years. They were used as attractions for people. The poor bears spend their time barely walking inside the tiny enclosure, attempting to pass the time.

They would frequently bash their forehead against the enclosure or try to get out of it to infuse some excitement into their life.

To make matters even worse, their cell was situated on a riverside and was frequently filled with water. The waters had once risen so higher that the innocent bears were on the verge of drowning.

“Once the waterway overflowed, and the poor bears were almost killed by drowning,” Lis Key, International Animal Rescue’s PR and communications manager, explain.

“If you look at the images taken during the rescue, you will see the rescue crew cutting through the bar of the enclosure to let them free. So it’s clear they have been imprisoned and in jeopardy of drowning when the waterway overflowed.”

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International Animal Rescue (IAR) has been trying to rescue these two bears for a long time.

Ultimately, in the November of 2017, IAR and the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) persuaded the business owners to relinquish control of the bears to them.

The two bears were liberated when the IAR rescue crew broke through the steel cage’s doors. They tranquillized the bears and transported them to a mountain refuge. This gave the bears a chance to wander and pursue their natural inclinations.

After getting to the refuge, the two bears found a cave to hibernate for the winters. The bears weren’t alone when they first appeared in the springtime of 2018.

Dasha had successfully given birth to two healthy and joyful cubs.

Dasha’s rescuer team was startled and happy to see the cubs since they had no idea she was expecting babies when she went into hibernation.

After going through a lot in life, Dasha finally got the life she deserved.

“The bears were given essential care, including fruits, veggies, and honey to reach body poundage and fat for hibernation. Yet no one suspected her heavy diet was due to maternity,” Vicky Mkrtchyan, FPWC’s environmental projects coordinator, explain.

It’s been two months since the baby bear’s birth, and it’s doing fantastic! Dasha is a great mother who watches over her two newborn cubs.

“It was extremely inspiring to witness Dasha break out from the mental barrier she suffered due to the years in the bleak prison by the river. And now, we see her focus on things around her. “To see Dasha with her two babies is absolutely stunning. Remembering about her awful past in the enclosure and then seeing her today as a mommy taking care of her babies and ferociously guarding them against danger is very emotional,” Mkrtchyan remarked.

Dasha and Misha have been living a terrible life for more than 10 years, but they’re now in a secure location where they can enjoy their lives and be happy.

We’re delighted that Dasha and her pups are safe and healthy, and we look forward to seeing them mature. What a satisfying conclusion!

Watch the two bears being rescued in the below video.

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