Batman shows up to save the day for a 3-year-old from getting bullied.


A local superhero worked on making a little girl work to face her bullies.

Usually, Batman saves the world from a villain, But have you ever heard of Batman helping little girls in need? For a 3-year-old little girl attending school was a miserable activity.

Lydia Calculli was a 3-year-old who was schooling all as usual kids. Things started to change when she started to return home with bruises on her face.

Erica, the Mom of the little girl knew that Lydia is a character with fun-loving characteristics at all times.

With that perspective, Erica was puzzled to see the change in her behavior of Lydia.

But she ignored the fact thinking Lydia was a little kid.

Bruises are a common thing seen among kids since any activity or anything can cause them those bruises. In other words, kid’s usually head towards bruises like magnets. Keeping it in mind, Erica kept herself out of the incident.

But one day Lydia came home with a black eye. It was not a coincidence or an accident at all. Erica knew that it was time to make herself involved in the case.

After a short conversation, she figured out that some kids had been hurting little Lydia at the playground.

It wasn’t a kids’ play by any means. A group of kids had thrown a shoe at the little girl’s eye.

Erica worked to report the school on the incident but they did nothing at all.

When reporting was useless Erica posted the incident on social media hoping for favor for her little daughter. Batman who was online saw the post.

The batman of our story lives in Spring Hill and works on comforting kids who need the courage to face challenges. So he knew what exactly Lydia needed.

Batman himself went to school with Lydia with him. Leaving a comment on the post he told how he managed to tell the class about Lydia being one of his best friends.

“I made a new friend today. This is Lydia. I was heartbroken when I noticed her mother’s post. At the moment, she didn’t like to go to school. So I went out and asked if I could take her to school. Hopefully, this will help her overpower the fear of comprehending who has her back. Also got her a cool costume to be my associate!”

It actually worked. Lydia was confident to attain school again. She was curious to narrate to her mother the incident that happened at school on the following day.

For a little kid, a backup from a superhero was an incredible solution for being bullied. Later Erica had Thanked the Batman from Spring Hills ion his marvelous deed.

The response from Erica said that “Lydia got a surprise visit at school from The Batman Of Spring Hill. I hope she’s comfier at school now, and I can’t stay to speak to Lydia when she gets home. Thank you again, Jack!”

Jack, Batman from Spring hills had been helping a lot of kids who had been facing similar problems. It is really an Amazing as well as a smart deed. For all Lydia’s who need courage in their life, this is a superb solution.

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