Hairless guinea pigs known as “skinny pigs” have the appearance of miniature hippos.


I believe I’ve discovered my new favourite animal.

Ever seen a young hippo? If your answer is no, start searching right now since they are unquestionably gorgeous. You’d want to have one of those cute, fat piggies as they are so fluffy and beautiful.

However, it’s not a young hippo in real life. That’s unlawful and unsafe. But it is possible to keep “cute pigs” as pets. However, it’s neither a thin pig nor a pig.

Skinny Piggies, also called Cavia porcellus guinea pigs, are often bald.

They resemble small hippos in most ways.

Upon viewing a PSA from Concerned Children’s Advertisers, people honestly thought that “house hippos” existed.

To emphasize to audiences that not everything they have seen on television is real, they created a fake advertisement about “House Hippos.”

House hippos are not true, but slender pigs exist, and they are almost identical. Skinny pigs are primarily bald, except for some small areas of fur on their cheeks and limbs.

Squeaks and Nibbles say that as a result, guinea pigs are indoor animals that need comfort and safety.

However, Skinny pigs are not a subspecies that occurs in nature.

When a mutation for baldness was found, researchers developed them to be utilized in studies. They were simpler to test on since they lacked fur.

As a result of lack of fur, skinny pigs are significantly tinier than typical guinea pigs. They weigh around 1 and 2 lbs. They are approximately 9 and 12 inches in length.

They have a range of colours because of their hairy forebears. Therefore, you can get bald, slender piglets with reddish skin if you breed a red-furred pig with an albino guinea pig.

Black and “Dalmation” thin piglets are by far the most prevalent.

With time, the thin pig has become more and more well-liked as a domestic pet in European and North American countries.

Being “very sociable,” animals like skinny piglets are said to be most comfortable around their partner. Whether that partner is another skinny pig or a furry guinea pig.

Skinny pigs need room to move about in their dwellings, bedding, and other warming items nearby because they are more vulnerable to the cold because they lack fur.

In a skinny pig cage, it’s preferable to utilize softer covering materials like wool instead of wood shavings.

It’s because they lack fur to defend their body. They also are vulnerable to dermatitis and scrapes.

However, these piggies don’t need to be showered frequently because they don’t have fur. According to estimates, skinny pigs generally live for 5 to 7 years.

Hence, before purchasing a skinny pig, ensure you have the resources to look after it. One must think about whether you choose to support the production of possibly less healthy guinea pig substitutes.

“From my perspective, selecting a well-bred guinea pig is the primary concern. And is the ideal method to get one. Any creature of any kind can experience the same thing, say Squeaks and Nibbles.

“Accordingly, it can be wise to avoid selecting a breed solely depending on skin colour or coating. Make a decision that will benefit the species as a whole. We also want to give the newborn baby the most excellent possible life.

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