Backpacker granny: at 84 years old, she stays in hostels and travels only with what is necessary.


This Spanish grandmother, since she was 65, has dedicated herself to traveling the world: “Once you spread your wings it is very difficult to close them again”

Traveling alone is a very important decision to make, as it implies a great responsibility, in addition to having to take more security measures. Cándida García is a woman originally from Spain and graduated from the Faculty of Law. At 65 years old, she decided to take a backpack because “difficulties and fears no longer exist in my mind or in my life.”

Kandy became popular and an inspiration for other younger travelers, as she makes an average of 6 trips a year at the age of 83. These can last between 15 days or up to a month, staying in hostels and being known as “ la granny backpacker” for those travelers who find her on their way.

When Kandy turned 65, he quit his job at a law firm and decided to fulfill his dream of traveling the world. The first time she left for nine months and when he returned she realized that this experience had changed her life. It was there that he knew there was no turning back and decided that his destiny was to travel the world until his body allowed it.

Thus, Kandy teaches a lesson to all of us who aspire to travel but something prevents us: travel is not only for young people, travel is for everyone. And it doesn’t matter your age or if you have a few bills in your wallet.

There is no age to travel.

Kandy teaches us that life is short, so you have to enjoy it without regrets. Many people are saving and hoping to travel the following year, although you never know what you may go through. That is why, when Kandy is asked how old is he? She answers them with a little joke: “I’m 10 or maybe 8 years old…these are the ones I have left, the others have already left.”

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