At the age of 7, he saved more than 1,500 puppies from being sacrificed.


This boy shows the great love he has for animals by working every day to save them.

At present, society faces a strong problem of overpopulation of stray or homeless animals. For this reason, many shelters prefer to euthanize some animals, since they do not have the resources to feed and care for all those who need it. Although there are hundreds of cases where dogs and cats are adopted from a shelter, those that remain in the shelter can become a burden for the establishment.

Fortunately, every day more shelters decide to change their policies to declare themselves free of these practices.

Roman McConn together with his mother Jennifer, realizing the terrible situation that hundreds of animals are living, decided to do something about it. That is how they decided to dedicate a large part of their time to visiting shelters in search of puppies or cats and giving them a new opportunity.

Although they would like to take all the animals, they give priority to those that are soon to be sacrificed and need one last chance. For this very reason they are rescued, to give them a little more time.

Originally, Roman and his mother were a normal family from Texas, United States. But everything changed when they visited a shelter in their city in search of a companion for Roman who wanted a pet.

Jennifer didn’t understand why her son couldn’t decide on any of the options at the shelter. Although there were many cute and docile puppies, the boy preferred to ask about the little animal that a family needed the most. The person in charge of the place replied: “Well, it would be one of those who are going to be sacrificed.” Given this statement, the boy said that he would choose one of those, deciding on a dog that looked scared and fearful, surely sensing that the end of her was approaching.

From then on, everything changed for the family, because they decided to do something to save more puppies.

For a year, Jennifer and Roman dedicated themselves to rescuing the largest number of animals about to be slaughtered to give them the opportunity to find a new home. Thus, they became practically a temporary home, coming to care for dozens of animals waiting to be adopted.

Although they were both happy with their altruistic actions, everything changed when the news reached them that Roman’s father would be transferred to another city. His vocation was in danger of ending due to the obvious move, in addition to the fact that they had 31 dogs that they had not yet found a home.

It was at that moment that they all decided to move to the new city and formed Freedom Ride, a project that now saves hundreds of puppies around the country.

It is a platform to help puppies from all over the country that are in danger and are looking for a responsible family to take care of them.

Since its inception, Jennifer and Roman have saved more than 1,500 puppies across the United States. Today they continue to receive recognition for their hard work. For example, Roman received the child of the year award from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

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