Vera Wang, 73, Is Dubbed “Immortal” as She Steals the Spotlight at the 2023 BAFTAs


Vera Wang is known for stunning outfits and beautiful wedding gowns in the fashion industry. At 73 years old, she continues to make a mark on the red carpet with her youthful appearance. Her recent appearance at the BAFTAs has garnered positive attention.

On Sunday, the 76th British Academy Film and Television Arts Awards had many famous celebrities in attendance. Although the event celebrated cinematic accomplishments, we couldn’t help but be captivated by the red carpet. While all the guests looked amazing, Vera Wang stood out as the ultimate highlight of the night’s red carpet.

Wang, who is going to celebrate her 74th birthday this summer, arrived wearing a beautiful white gown that highlighted her amazing figure. The simple outfit looked perfect on the renowned designer, and both us and many others on social media were impressed by Vera’s youthful look.

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People on the internet noticed that Wang’s everlasting youth was just as clear as always that night.

  • “Vera Wang seems immortal with her sultry youthful look at the BAFTAs! If I could look half of what she looks like, it’d be something!” — KMSundaychild / Twitter

Wang’s beauty routine is quite straightforward. She loves taking baths frequently and adding baby oil to them to soothe her skin. Additionally, she never forgets to moisturize and always uses SPF. Apart from that, she stays active by engaging in activities she enjoys, such as golf or bike riding.

Wang once reacted to comments complimenting her age-defying looks: “I mean, it’s nice that people thought that about me. It’s very complimentary, and I’m very grateful for that.” But she ultimately said that other than getting enough sleep and being inspired by her work, there’s no ultimate formula for looking young.

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