At 17 years old, she is already the mother of 7 children. Their parents refuse to help her. This is her story.


Unfortunately, today, society tends to react negatively to young mothers. Even many people look down on this woman without caring about her story. In contrast, others think that screaming, scolding, and shame is no longer the right option. And they prefer to help these women in this difficult situation.

But not every mother can boast of achievement like Pamela Villaruelle, a woman from the Argentine city of Leones.

At just 17 years old, she has given birth to seven children, one boy, and six girls. Unfortunately, the parents of these children have no relationship with Pamela or the little ones.

This girl gave birth to her first child when she was only 14 years old. After a very difficult relationship, the man left Pamela with a little girl in her arms, and finally, he disappeared as if by magic.

Sometime later, Pamela gave birth to two pairs of twins. After these two pairs were born, one after the other, the father only promised her things he never fulfilled.

Cruelly, the man ended up rejecting her, thus accumulating one more love failure. As if that were not enough, Pamela got pregnant for the third time, this time also with twins, but the most difficult thing was that the father (the third) of her new children also fled as soon as he heard the news.

Fortunately, the girl’s parents help her with the upbringing of the children. In addition, the authorities did not leave this poor mother alone with her seven children. They assigned her a large house with a plot of land.

This 17-year-old mother works hard to feed her children and does not depend exclusively on the help of her parents since they are older. She always tries to find a promising future for her children, so they get ahead and don’t lack anything.

Many people have helped Pamela with the upbringing of her children, unlike their parents. Many even send donations for her and the little ones. Some people think the girl is a victim of her own negligence and inability to care for herself. Still, finally, he is taking responsibility for the facts.

Be that as it may, it is likely that this girl’s family will soon grow, and she will need a bigger place to take care of her children. However, we can only wish them a full and happy life, good health, and a bright future for those little ones.

It is important to be responsible for our actions, not to harm anyone, especially little ones, who all deserve happiness. What do you think about the life of this teenager?

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