As she steps into his new home, the blind circus elephant receives a warm welcome.


In front of an elephant orphanage in Thailand, a saved elephant is greeted with an exquisite act of love that nature has ever shown.

The elephant herself is 30-year-old, thus almost and has spent her entire life in a circus. Before being rescued by the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, she lived a dull and lonely life. Watching how the elephant gets a warm welcome by the herd in the sanctuary is a great relief.

The moment is heart melting. Luckily it was caught on camera by the sanctuary staff.

The former livelihood of Ploy Thong was a tragedy. Yet, thanks to the Save elephants foundation, the story of her future can be rewritten with happiness replaced.

For decades, she had been walking along the roads of the Pattaya region of Thailand with tourists on her back. She was forced to work out of her will.

Now the disturbing chapter of Ploy Thongs’ life is to an end. She is to start a new life as a resident in the sanctuary. Luckily, she started blending it with other elephants on the premises in no time after her arrival. The herd seemed to be delighted to see the new friend.

Ploy Thong had lost her complete vision. So to inform other elephants of her presence, she sent a low vibration.

Just in time, the atmosphere started to get emotional. The entire herd started to approach Ploy Thong to greet her. The compassionate pack used their trucks to comfort their new friend. It is so loving to watch.

According to a Save Elephant Foundation employee she carried people on her back with both eyes blind.

Also, he said that from dawn to dusk, Ploy was transporting people. Her truck was her only aid to avoid damage to herself on the way carrying people.

Finally, it was her time to enjoy freedom. Now she has many friends who would be by her side to love and comfort her.

Special thanks to the volunteers for showing their kindness to Ploy Thong.

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