Are you skipping your math class? Are you bored of doing math? – This is a warning of the outcome.


Are you good at mathematics? The most frequent answer to be heard is no! The reality is that not all of us are born to be mathematicians. Even some of us couldn’t even manage to complete our basic arithmetic. But did you ever think that these kinds of mathematical mistakes would be hilarious!
So, let’s peek at some of the mistakes by people related to mathematics. I hope they will help to brighten up your day!

Is she trying to be satirical?

I was just losing my mind over this… Is she kidding? Or is she trying to be serious? This post should be a joke.


He tried to act smart, but the other guy was too smart to be burned off. 500*0=0 is still null.

He just tried fool math to live 820 years.

3000-2020 = 80 for the person that Reddit mentioned above. Actually, it’s 820. No one of this generation would ever exist at times unless a potion of immortality is found.

Ok, you must attend class again!

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The person is just a good human who is weak at his math. So let’s consider it a mistake. But it’s too funny…

I thought every night we would reach out at 8.20 pm.

Trying to figure out a unique instance is good, yet it must be mathematically inclined.

Here we see why the person was not called for the interview

The minimum age limit does restrict only youngsters. Before applying for a job, he must work on his IQ.

Not only math, but he slept in the English class too.

A decade stands for 10 years. So he claims to have lived 190 years.

The commenter got his secret of doing math

In 2020, how would a person born in 2000 become 25? The only person to solve the math is the substance, as mentioned earlier user.

Please explain if you could understand

I’m pretty sure that something or everything about the post is wrong. I think this was posted for entertainment purposes.

Interesting way to save

I don’t know how, but I like his idea to be a reality. He might have been using some kind of special quarters. Otherwise, how would he have ended up $9,125 without $365?

How do you keep getting them wrong?

The second person to mess up with age. What’s wrong with them? Is it a calculator error?

Isn’t it the price that must be 50% off?

50% of $24 is $12. So it must be $12. I think they are not talking about the price.

I don’t get it at all

So this is how things are in the black market. You will get a discount if you get 4 pieces, but you could only buy 3 parts. No discount at all.

The comment is a big brain moment

He proved the Americans right. He had it bad.

Free but expensive

So they offer a plate with an extra charge so we can eat with two plates?

What country is he from?

Ok, where could I find this place with more hours for the day. Please comment if you know.

Please think of hygiene, people.

See, 96% of you haven’t been washing your hands. Consider washing your hands, please.

What do we call this?

She must start over from kindergarten. Please, someone, help her.

Why is he confused?

So he needs to know how 190 is split into 50/50; very simple. Just divide 190 by 2, and you will get 95, which is 50% of 190.

The post has nothing wrong.

A comment on the post said there was a problem in the centre. The horseman being 3/4 horse and him being made of 3/4 horse are two things. Did you get it? I didn’t.

I Hope they are just trying to be hilarious

It may be just a troll. Obviously, it’s 0 in both instances.

You just got busted by yourself

Be an example of staying humble even if you are smart enough.

I think he must learn more about human reproduction

I’m not sure if he is acknowledged about 9 months of pregnancy before a birth. Well, work on your IQ, please.

He just trolled himself.

Is this man just kidding? Or is he losing his mind? He thinks he has scammed someone, but he had trolled himself online.

That’s a fair mistake

Being famous is dangerous sometimes. Please review twice before posting on social media.

Covid 19 had made them weak in their math

The sum must be just 100%. But it’s surely over. ABC, you got it wrong this time.

Ok, the media is also lacking math skills

It’s a betrayal for Pythagoras. I don’t get how they have got those measurements.

This is a new type of deal, maybe.

I think he needs his tables separated. Or else why would he sell his tables low when sold separately.

Friends who skipped math class together.

Math is pretty difficult. So getting community help to solve a basic math problem is very nice to watch.

Is it an application error?

We are all confused at the moment. But here’s the answer. It’s calculated in BODMAS order. Trust me!

Ok, they are saving for themselves

So this is how companies get rich overnight. But I question myself, who’s gonna buy those?

Get motivated

Ok, it’s a good try, but what if my motivation stops at 100%? Please help me.


This is how all of us should feel. Every 60 minutes must feel like an hour.

New rules for easy math

Ok, this is straightforward disrespect for math. You must stop at this moment, right now.

Something is wrong with the diamonds.

Please leave him alone. He seemed stressed. He converts grams to grams.

Ok, he is trying to get attention

This must be a troll. He is just messing with us for attention. People online can’t go so wrong.

How to intake low calories, eating Trefinger.

If you eat a piece at a time, you get 150 calories after 6 pieces. But if you eat 6 amounts at once, you will get only 140 calories. Good for a dieting person.

100% customer friendly.

I don’t know how they are going to profit. Yet they seem over-generous.

The question wasn’t made by the math teacher

So this is math. There’s nothing wrong, but isn’t it… Could someone hold him back?

Living on air

If you hate land, this is the best chance to get a vacation on an aeroplane. Is it a fault, or did they have some fun???

So they had no consideration for math principles?

What a surprise to see a business-based media company losing its math. Did they sleep in math class too?

He might have confused

People have so many confusions when they come to calculating ages. Just remember to be careful.

Nothing in heads

I see him trying to get to a point, but I’m not surprised if he is also confused with time, distance and mileage.

It is not just the heart but also the brain.

We should all be winning millions of dollars, according to this guy! This is one of the few times I truly wish he was correct. That would make the lottery so much more enjoyable.

It is another planet

According to Fox, 500 million people in North Carolina have been without electricity. The issue is that North Carolina has a population of only roughly 10.5 million people. So… we’re not sure where they got these figures.

48 hours? 2 days?

Living alone too long will make you depressed. But today, I knew it would affect your math skill.

Were they dreaming?

As a general rule, you’re not allowed to discuss politics during dinner parties. Nevertheless, if you do, ensure you’ve completed your math correctly first. This seems particularly true when you use the internet to express your political views.

Why and Why?

New Cuyama chose to go a little more precise with their totals. Unfortunately, when the figures are combined, they have no meaning. At the very least, they added them up accurately.

Something to keep you busy

I’m not certain what they thought when they calculated the numbers, but they were very off… by a lot. With such figures, the mortality rate drops to 0.001%. Just some quick thoughts.

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