Applying extensions to the hair of the nose: the bizarre and controversial fashion born on social media


In recent years, we have increasingly encountered new style trends launched on social media , which in most cases have a very short duration and are remembered above all for their great extravagance . Among these fashions, there is also the one launched a few years ago by a young girl on Instagram , which for a period of time had great success among girls all over the world. The peculiarity of this fashion is to it emphasizes a part of our body that we usually try to hide or eliminate: unwanted hair .

There are many women who in recent decades have decided to live the relationship with their body in the most natural way possible, giving up hair removal. But have you ever thought about the hair in your nostrils ? Probably only if they are too long and noticeable. This fashion, on the other hand, completely distorts habits, enhancing them .

It was 2017 when the young Gretchen_chen posted on Instagram the photo that launched yet another bizarre trend in terms of beauty and care of one’s appearance, the fashion of nose hair extensions . This trend immediately divided the web between avid supporters and disgusted detractors . In the following months, the social networks were invaded by the hashtag #nosehairextensions , with which the girls showed themselves with a nice tuft of dark hair that came out of their nostrils.

But how are nose extensions made ? It seems impossible to say, but doing it is much easier than it seems. In fact, it is enough to buy false eyelashes and glue them inside the nostril after having bent them in a circular shape. much more practical and faster, and especially less painful, than trying to remove them with wax and tweezers.

Years of exhausting sessions by the beautician to remove unwanted hair thrown in the garbage, one might say. This of the hairs is in fact the latest of the new fashions to show off the hair on different parts of your body. Fortunately, this trend seems to have been short-lived . In fact, it seemed that this extravagant and out-of-the-box idea could have had a lot of following and in fact at first there were numerous adhesions and just as many proposals to expand the people of extensions by also proposing those for beards and mustaches, but over time the hashtag #nosehairextensionshas became less and less popular, despite the great enthusiasm with which this first photo was received.

What will be the next whimsical and lightning-fast style trend?

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