“Anyone know what this could be? I have found two piles of these … in my daughters’ room.”


Among other social media sites, Facebook was the first venue for creating incredibly amiable community groups.

Some are connected to very common and useful topics like cleaning and housekeeping communities! These groups offer more than just advice and assistance.

Sometimes, certain posts make the group desperately seek solutions and also make them wonder about the well-being of the person who posted it. Kelli Tarin posted a strange picture of a mysterious pile in the group called “Homemaking Tips.”

The post was shared on August 10th, not too long ago. Tarin shared a photo in the post showing a fine, dirt-like substance piled up on the floor. Tarin discovered two mysterious mounds that she cleans daily and is seeking help to identify them. These mounds were found in her daughter’s room, so it’s important to determine if there is any cause for concern. Tarin mentioned that since moving into the rented house, things have been happening quickly. She described the texture and appearance of the mounds as similar to anthills or coffee grounds, but they feel like shells.

The Enigmatic Pile Gets Even More Enigmatic

After the homeowner sought help from the online community, news of the unusual heap rapidly circulated. Along with more than 440,000 responses, the post garnered over 9000 comments. However, despite all the attention, no one could definitively identify the enigmatic mounds! Nevertheless, numerous suggestions were made. Here is the image:

The mysterious pile of unidentified pellets found.
Some individuals believed it was an ant colony, which proved to be quite challenging due to its persistence. Others suspected it was mouse droppings. Many attributed the issue to termites. After weighing all opinions, Tarin decided to consult with professionals.

Their final decision only added to the mystery. After reaching out to two pest control companies, both stated they had never encountered anything similar to the mysterious mounds!

Tarin mentioned in subsequent posts that she ensured her daughter slept with her father during the investigation. These droppings are not from termites as they are not crunchy or “seed-like”. Moreover, she never spotted any live roaches in the house, so she successfully got rid of them by spraying the entire house.

She had only seen a couple of dead bats before. She mentioned that growing up on a farm made her familiar with mouse droppings, which these were not. The last name suggested was Bats, but living in West Texas made that unlikely.

The Enigma Is Eventually Answered

She mentioned twice that it only happens in her daughter’s room and she cleans the whole house every day. According to her, it can appear in just two days. She said that the landlords were contacted to check them during the last update before the solution. Tarin thanked the group for their response, even though they couldn’t fully respond. They definitely helped her stay positive during a difficult situation.

In the end, the answer is completely unsuitable. It seemed that one of their kids’ lavender bears had burst, revealing what was inside. This made Tarin remember that there was a purple blush bear among the toys in the mysterious pile.

She tossed it away, believing it was tainted. She returned to search for it and found out that it actually had a gap. When she opened it, Tarin was amazed to find the mysterious pile of items inside! We believe that everything will be fine in the end.

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