Angelina Jolie accuses Brad Pitt of physical abuse that ‘started well before’ infamous plane incident


The announcement of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s split shocked everyone. Suddenly, one of Hollywood’s most well-known couples was no more, leaving fans questioning what caused the end of their seemingly flawless relationship.

The divorce between the celebrities became infamous due to their drawn-out custody battle, making it one of the most bitter public splits.

Jolie filed for divorce and accused her husband of attacking Maddox during a fight. This led to an investigation involving the Los Angeles County Department of Children, but no charges were filed.

Years after they split up, new court documents claim that Brad Pitt’s “physical abuse” towards his ex-wife started before the well-known 2016 plane incident.


The exes had a bigger argument about selling a French winery they purchased when they were still a couple.

In 2022, Pitt took legal action against his ex-wife’s company Nouvel for selling her share of the winery without his consent, which he believed went against their agreement and harmed the business’s reputation.

Jolie sent an email to her ex-husband on January 21, 2021, which later became public. In the email, she expressed her sadness and informed Pitt about her decision to sell Miraval, a business that focuses on alcohol. Some people think that this refers to the plane incident where Pitt supposedly harmed Maddox and poured alcohol on both the child and the other children.

The Maleficent actress also mentioned, “Even now, it’s hard to write this without tears.”

Most importantly, it’s where we welcomed our twins and got married in memory of my mother. It’s where I thought I’d spend my old age. However, it’s also where our family started to fall apart.

She mentioned that Miraval ceased to exist in September 2016, and everything she has witnessed since then has unfortunately validated that.

Pitt reportedly tried to purchase her share, but the deal fell through due to their divorce process.

Jolie retaliated by providing sealed papers about the plane incident. Pitt then requested Jolie to sign a non-disclosure agreement preventing her from talking about his behavior towards her or the family outside of court in exchange for selling the property.

She labeled the request as an “unacceptable restriction.”


According to news sources, new documents from Jolie’s lawyers were filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, April 4. These papers indicate that Pitt’s physical abuse began before the plane incident.

Prior to the family’s flight from France to Los Angeles in September 2016, Pitt had a history of physically abusing Jolie. However, during this particular trip, he also directed his abuse towards the children for the first time. Consequently, Jolie decided to leave him right away, as stated in a document obtained by CNN.

The documents lack specifics but aim to demonstrate why Pitt was so worried about his behavior that he sabotaged his deal with Jolie over a new NDA.

Pitt has not commented on Jolie’s actions, however, a close source mentioned, “This behavior is consistent – whenever a decision doesn’t go their way, they tend to bring up misleading, inaccurate, or irrelevant information to divert attention.”

The custody trial was long and included their whole relationship history. Despite hearing all the evidence, the judge still gave him 50/50 custody.

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