An unlikely yet adorable connection between a Mini horse and a Goose.


Good friends are hard to come by, yet many of us know they can come in any size or shape. Here it turns out to be any species too.

In life, we have come through many unlikely friendships created with interesting backstories. But Hemingway and Waffles may be the most unlikely combination you would have ever seen. The pals are very protective of one another. Despite all that, Hemingway being Goose and Waffles being a mini horse is the factor that makes the friendship much more remarkable.

In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Hemingway and Waffles were saved from an outdoor paddock – unhygienic for the two animals. The protective link between the two was evident to Bucks County SPCA immediately.

They genuinely are best buddies, according to Bucks County SPCA. They don’t know that one is a goose and the other a little horse. They are clueless. Yet, they are best buds.

Once he was saved, Waffles had a slight illness, and Hemingway was anxious about taking care of him. When an SPCA staff came close to Waffles to nurse him or give shots, Hemingway would remain nearby and start shouting. To let the employees know that Waffles had a best buddy watching out for him, Hemingway often stepped in between Waffles and them.

It was immediately apparent that Waffles and Hemingway were a whole package deal.

The Bucks County SPCA informed all candidates that Waffles and Hemingway must be placed together after both have been issued the go-ahead for adoption.

At Maddie and Nick’s property in Pennsylvania, Hemingway and Waffles discovered the ideal lifelong home. Initially built for Maddie and Nick’s horse Peabody, the farm has expanded with the addition of more farm animals. Maddie knew that Hemingway and Waffles would blend in well with Peabody.

Hemingway and Waffles needed the transition to be as simple and pleasant as possible, so Maddie and Nick made it so.

They wanted to make it easier for Waffles to board the trailer, so they put Hemingway onto it first. Because Waffles didn’t look easy-going immediately away, he was anxious. Hemingway basically rushes into the trailer as soon as he realizes his friend is already there, which causes Hemingway to become instantly at ease, said Maddie and Nick.

The waffle was going to have a very unexpected encounter with another horse at his new home.

Waffles had never encountered another horse; he had only been among birds in his former home, including Hemingway. He was set to meet Peabody, his new and larger brother, at his new house. Before taking Peabody across to meet his fellow barn mates, Maddie and Nick first placed Waffles and Hemingway in their respective stalls together. Another unexpected occurrence happened at that point.

At first, Peabody was apparently afraid of his new, smaller relatives.

When they arrive at their new house, it is evident that these closest friends would like it. Waffles began to excitedly jog around the empty area once Maddie let him out alone and into a dry lot. He didn’t just gallop about; he also rolled in the sand by himself.

Once Hemingway was taken outside to see his new house since he was definitely not going to miss out on the pleasure.

In the new place, they had a bigger pool. Hemingway only had prior experiences with small pools. So at a glaze, it was a kind of excitement for H Hemingway. But with the help of Maddie, he got into the pool. Afterward, there were happy celebrations by Hemingway – Bathing and splashing water.

The two closest buddies have finally located their secure home after a difficult start.

When Waffles and Hemingway were adopted, Maddie says, they hoped they would blend in nicely and become part of the family. Also, get along with everybody. Luckily, that desire has come true. Waffles is now on his road to becoming a therapy horse, but now Hemingway must also take care of Peabody. They have brought us delight, and we wish they could provide joy to others.

Watch the entire adventure of Hemingway and Waffles down below.

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