An origami artist receives 3 million views for his four simple methods for creating 3D paper snowflakes.


All of these patterns are beautiful, but her final one was charming.❄?

The holidays are just around the corner.

The placement of Christmas decorations, including evergreens, garlands, Christmas lights, and snowman figurines, is everywhere.

And speaking of decorations, we have exactly what you need to freshen up your room and add a festive spirit. Best of all, you can make them yourself.

Here are 4 various types of origami snowflakes.

Children and adults alike will enjoy folding origami.

Paper folding may seem simple, but it can aid kids with their fine motor skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • sheets of square paper
  • scissors
  • glue

Although this post will include measurements, feel free to use a size that fits your comfort level or the design you have in mind.

The intricate six-armed motif

Get six square sheets of paper ready. Start with a 9×9-inch sheet.

Then, fold the sheets into triangles by overlapping the far-opposite corner of one corner.

Small triangles will be the result.

Then, starting at the paper’s border, make five straight cuts up in the direction of the folded centre.

Avoid making a complete cut.

Take out your origami. You ought to have a diamond with flaps on end.

The flap tips should adhere to the opposing side.

You should make two loops: one facing inward and one facing outward.

For each pair, repeat this.

To create a snowflake, glue the arms collectively.

The snowflake pattern in the sun

A4 paper is available in twos. Place one piece of paper on top of the other, then begin to accordion-fold the sheets.

The fold should be about two centimetres thick. Trim the extra paper off.

After that, fold your accordion in half to create a fan.

On one side, trace your pattern and then cut it out. On the second sheet of paper, repeat the procedure.

To create a snowflake that resembles the sun, unravel your paper and glue it together.

Although it may not be geometrically similar to a snowflake, it is just as beautiful.

Another six-arm snowflake pattern

First, you’ll need six square sheets.

The paper is folded on one side to form a triangle, which is then folded three more times to form a smaller triangle.

On one side, make four horizontal slashes.

It should unfold into a piece of paper with cuts in the shape of a diamond.

The innermost pair should be glued together into a cylinder using your pen as the initial guide.

Make careful to go through the process again with the flaps facing the other way.

To create your snowflake, adhere to them collectively.

Another solar pattern

Half-fold the 14×14-cm sheet.

In the centre of the page, draw a strip that is 1 cm broad.

The Paper is folded with one edge facing the side of the sketched strip further away. Apply this to the opposite side as well.

Connect the edges with glue.

Watch the video to learn how to fold the following few pieces, which are a little tricky.

Make six origami sections by repeating this.

Learn which scenes to cut by watching the video. Unfurl these pieces after adhering them together to reveal the full construction.

Watch the video below to learn exactly how to use 3D paper snowflakes to decorate a space!

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