An octopus transforms into various colours while she is dreaming.


Octopuses are recognized as one of the highest intelligent animals existing on earth. Hence they are fast learners. Also, they are incredible at camouflaging. Together, these skills made octopuses one of the fascinating creatures living in the oceans.

Some believe that octopuses may be the next factor for a new revolution in the world.

A lot of research is being carried out to examine these many-legged cephalopods. As this research progresses, it is revealed how intelligent these creatures are.

With time discoveries are made about octopuses that anyone would not have imagined that octopuses are capable of doing. A video released by PBS showcases the beauty and intelligence of these alien-like animals.

Many kids prefer a puppy, a kitten or a pony as their pet. But Laurel was a teenager with a different pet. He got an octopus.

The two friends, Laural and Heidi (the octopus), had evolutionary differences, yet they built a unique relationship.

Laurel once had recorded Heidi, and she captured something unique.

Once Heidi had been near the top of the tank. It was right near the water-air barrier. Heidi was asleep, clinging motionless apart from the swaying of her body in the water. Videos of octopuses sleeping have been filmed before. However, the scene Laurel witnessed while Heidi was sleeping was brand new.

As Heidi slept, she started changing colours.

Next, the narrator of the video starts explaining the incident. Heidi was dreaming. The colours that Heidi was morphing into could almost tell what she was doing in her dreams. The colour shift didn’t look like an ordinary colour shifting; it looked like an actual, conscious dream.

First, it was marbled brown and white. Then it transformed into an almost pure white.

It was just like a kaleidoscope of colour. The ripples of change started spreading across her skin. Finally, everything turned pure white.

The narrator explains the incident; Heidi is asleep yet changes her colour when she sees a crab. Next, she goes all dark. Octopuses have this habit when they leave the bottom. It’s camouflage. They also turn dark when they catch prey. Heidi is probably enjoying her meal.

Watching the change in colour patterns will make you mesmerized. You will feel awe at the flashes of colour and patterns across her skin.

Usually, we get to experience this kind of colour explosion only in CGI. Even though this was real and natural, with the gentle music on, you will be lost in amazement, watching the octopus in her dreams.

An octopuses process 500 million neurons, nearly the same that mammals have.

An average dog process the number of neurons mentioned above in its brain. Yet an octopus is different. A third of the neurons are located in the brain, while the others are in the skin. This has resulted in a difference in intelligence than we are used to.

It’s not accessible to the contrast between octopuses and mammals. Yet we differ in things we are good at. This diversity has made the word beautiful.

It’s amazing to watch Heidi shifting between colours. Her dreams will remain her secret. We could only wish her sweet dreams. ?

Don’t be late; watch the video given below.

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