An influencer is upset because photographers didn’t take her picture on the red carpet.


An influencer got upset because photographers didn’t take her picture on the red carpet, and she believes it’s because they didn’t find her attractive enough.

Content creator Tiff Baira sparked a social media debate with a TikTok video that received over 8.5 million views. In the video, she shared footage of herself posing on the red carpet, bringing attention to photographers’ actions and prompting discussions online.

In the video, Baira, who is from New York City, is seen patiently waiting on the red carpet, hoping that a photographer would capture her picture.

The influencer, who boasts a following of over 224,000 on TikTok, stays in front of the cameras, eagerly anticipating that her photo will be taken.

However, as she eventually realizes that the photographers won’t be taking her picture, Baira awkwardly laughs and begins to make her exit from the red carpet.

In the caption of the clip, Baira hinted that photographers snubbed her because they didn’t consider her attractive enough for their attention.

“When you’re on a red carpet and nobody takes a photo because, I guess, they didn’t think I looked attractive enough,” the influencer writes.

In an additional comment accompanying her video, Baira reflects on her embarrassment for not being photographed and declares that she will never allow a cameraman to undermine her confidence again.

‘You Deserve to Be Photographed’

The viral video sparked a social media debate about the role of photographers. Many TikTok users sympathized with Baira and criticized the photographers as “mean” for not capturing her picture on the red carpet.

Another viewer empathized with the “embarrassment” caused by the paparazzi and firmly stated that Baira “deserved to be photographed.”

Meanwhile, other influencers shared their own negative experiences with photographers at various events, expressing solidarity with Baira’s situation.

“A model comments, ‘Sadly, this has happened to many of us. So disappointing.'”

Another influencer writes, “This happened to me at Beautycon six years ago. It was a devastating experience. But I promise you, it gets better.”

Photographers Have a Job to Do.

However, some viewers disagreed with Baira’s suggestion that she was unfairly overlooked by photographers on the red carpet for not being “hot enough,” stating that her claim was completely unfounded.

A viewer responded by saying that Baira looked “fantastic,” but photographers can’t take pictures of everyone as it would be impractical and wasteful of film or resources.

Other social media users argued that event photographers have a specific job to do on the red carpet and may not have known who Baira is, thus explaining why they didn’t take her picture.

“A viewer comments, ‘It has nothing to do with your looks; they obviously just don’t know who you are. With only 224,000 followers, that’s honestly not a lot.'”

Another social media user expresses a similar sentiment, stating, “It’s not because you’re not hot enough; it’s because you’re not well-known.”

Other TikTok users offered advice to Baira for future red carpet appearances. They suggested that she should be accompanied by a publicist or assistant carrying a name card, making it clear to photographers that they should take her picture.

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