An Enormous 16th-century monument known as the “Colossus” in Florence, Italy, has secret rooms with his body.


Our forefathers have been creating works of art that are unimaginable. Thus, the method through which some of these things were developed remains a mystery.

The epic colossus found in Villa di Pratolino in Tuscany is evidence of such a creation. The half-man, the half mountain, was a creation developed around the 1500s. Giambologna, a renowned Italian sculptor, built the sculptor to represent Italy’s untamed Apennine Mountains. The design is 35 feet tall and depicts a mountain god named Appennino.

Besides being a glorious mountainous monument, it also holds a marvellous secret; multiple chambers within the monument serve various purposes that gave this colossus life. It is said that there was room in his skull intended for a bonfire that, when lighted, would blow smoke out of its nostrils. The creature that his left hand is holding spat water from an underneath stream.

Until the end of October, the park where the colossus is now located, Villa Demidoff, will be accessible on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10 AM to 7 PM.

Famous Italian sculptor Giambologna built this magnificent giant in the late 1500s.

In Florence, Italy, the rock lord is 35 feet in height.

The vast 16th-century sculpture, the “Colossus” in Florence, Italy, has secret rooms.

The model displays the colossus’ interior spaces.

The images show a few cave systems tucked away inside their depths.

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