An endless queue of rejections ends with a gifted family membership for little Andrew.


Life isn’t fair for everyone. Some get more than enough, while some don’t get what they deserve. Here we are about to peek into the life of A kid named Andrew who didn’t get much in his life. However, with time he met a family that could provide him plenty.

Each and every human likes to live with a loving family. Unfortunately, not all get that chance.

A couple from Nashville, Tennessee, decided they needed to help someone get into a lucky destiny. Dominique and Kevin Gill made it possible with their home opened to a child in need.

Not long after, they heard of Andrew and understood that he was the best fit for their family.

According to his documentation, Andrew has been in custody since he was six. He had no legal guardian at times since his parent’s legal rights were terminated for a long time. His life was duller when he was the only one left unadopted from the five children of his family.

When the pair heard Andrew’s story, their hearts hurt.

He’d gone through a lot of bad luck in his life. As you can guess, Andrew grew increasingly isolated from the world around him.

So the pair decided to foster and grant Andrew the gift of family.

While they say all you need is love, we all know it takes a little more than that to gain someone’s trust.

In an interview, the couple revealed that Andrew wasn’t feeling belonged during the first week. The only thing he was doing was watching the old photos with his room door closed.

What more can we expect from a 6-year-old in such a situation?

These youngsters frequently feel undesired as a result of expectations and disappointment. As a result, some of them prefer to be rough, demanding, and isolated.

It is their way of getting away from further discomforts.

So did the protagonist of our story. Andrew often behaved ill. He tried to isolate himself as much as he could. Also, he was used to shouting if anyone wanted to contact him.

On the other hand, the Gills were not about to give up on Andrew. They knew he was going through a lot, and they wanted him to know that there were people out there who wanted to show him love.

When Andrew initially arrived at Dominique’s house, Joc, Dominique’s son, didn’t feel a connection with him.

It takes time to do these tasks.

Everything changed, though, when they discovered they shared interests.

Fortunately, things started to get on the right track. Once when Joc and Andrew were about to play video games, they found that they had a common interest in playing Pop-Tarts. The incident was the literal foundation for the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

They grew quite close as the years passed, Kevin Gill told WBIR Channel 10. He also said “It’s wonderful to see how close they’ve become over the years.”

Kevin and Dominique took in the sights. Andrew gradually let them into his heart.

The Gills were overjoyed to watch Andrew’s progress. Other than that, they had more coming for Andrew.

Adopting him was not in their plans. The only thing the family wanted to do was foster.
They intended to contribute by fostering as many children as possible, but they weren’t expecting their experience with Andrew to take an unexpected turn.

People expressed interest in adopting Andrew, yet it always remained as fluttered promises.

Dominique told TODAY’s Parents that their mentality was to support him until he got his permanent family. However, after the second adoption failed, they understood God had placed Andrew in their life for some reason. God wanted to make sure the adoption won’t help out for him to return back to them.

It was obvious that Andrew was a member of their clan.

Molly Parker, a Youth Villages Counselor, surprised Andrew one day. She asked the small child if they could chat and if he would like to accompany her on a walk. The youngster agreed.

As they walked, Andrew noticed several familiar faces.

At first, he was puzzled. Everyone was in attendance with balloons and smiles on their faces.
Andrew recalled seeing the Gills surrounded by friends carrying signs and balloons as he simply turned around the corner and saw everybody.

Suddenly Andrew was questioned if he would like to be part of the family. With a smile on his face, he replied, ‘Yeah.

On the other hand, Joc was wearing an outfit with the words- Will you be my brother? on it.

Andrew’s shirt was emblazoned with the word “YES.”

People in the area began to rejoice, relieved that Andrew had finally found his ultimate home.

From the beginning, Andrew was thankful for accepting him as a part of the Gill’s. Usually, everyone was scared after reading the reports about Andrew despite the couple knowing it was not the child, but it was the bad experiences he had been through.

Andrew Gill received his permanent home on July 16, 2020.

Dominique said in a TODAY Parents interview; that Andrew will receive the same love just like Joc, and he is a part of their family.

Andrew has now found not just his everlasting home but also love, joy, and the best pal.

As the video ends, both kids say this is my brother. It’s just heart-melting.

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