An autistic kid gets rejected on a birthday, yet a football team saves the day.


In times when we were kids, nothing was more thrilling than our birthday. We get to plan our party as we prefer. The party will fill with presents, fun, delicious food, and friends.

However, things did not go as planned for little boy Christian Larsen.

Christian is a nice kid, yet he was autistic. He wanted to invite his entire class to his 9th birthday celebration. He had chosen a theme and had prepared the invites. Everything was ready, a plan, and the little boy was looking forward to his special day.

Unfortunately, only one girl responded to his mother. The invitation was ignored by the remaining friends from Christian’s class.

Christian’s mother was understanding about what was going on. Yet she couldn’t help but express her emotions by posting her idea on Facebook.

“I don’t blame them; I get that unusual behaviors and situations might make us uncomfortable and cause us to shut ourselves. but as you get to know someone, that unusual, unsettling behavior can become merely a quirk, and the quirk can become something wonderful as you get to know them.”

Christian’s mother felt so bad about ending the year in such a manner. Yet she was hoping for good and tried her best to keep the party alive.

Luckily one of the friends of Christian’s mother got on their way to help them. The friend saw the post and reached out to Nampa High School Football coach Dan Holtry by phone. She then contacted Christian’s mother to inform her of her plan to invite the school football team to Christian’s birthday celebration.

The coach was more than happy to assist with the idea. He informed his crew about Christian’s celebration through text message.

Coach Holtry was delighted that the athletes were ready to make Christian’s day extra memorable.

The football team arrived on the day of the party, chanting Christian’s name. He was thrilled with anticipation.

He even remembers pretending to pass out when he first saw them all. The reaction of the birthday celebrant to their surprise made the football team’s lads very thrilled. The football team not only showed up to surprise Christian, but they also brought him gifts.

Coach Holtry considers it an honor that the squad was invited to Christian’s birthday celebration.

“It was just an opportunity to help a person going through a difficult time, and we’re fortunate here at Nampa High School.” We have a lot of wonderful children. We understand misfortune because we have faced it ourselves, and we know how to overcome it.” said the coach.

Christian’s mother was glad about Christian’s newfound affiliation with the football players.

“The social aspect of autism is one of the most important aspects. They can teach him how to play back and forth. They can assist him in developing interactions with both them and children his age. They’re wonderful, wonderful young men.”

Just when Christian’s birthday slipped away, this football team stormed in and made it unforgettable. He’s added some great friends for life.

In the video below, learn more about how these incredible football players saved one little boy’s birthday!

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